I'm being stalked! O its by a vampire then thats okay ???=S chap 10

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james pov

How dare he do that to me? I am school royalty people fear and love ma and he thinks he can just throw me out a window????

Errrrrr if can't believe he threw me out a window I mean me. He's going to pay for this and only because I was making out with my girlfriend so maybe I got carried away but she mine my girlfriend and she is going to lose her virginity eventually so why not to be.

She doesn't know what she's just lost I could make this girl hated; people would ignore her and avoid her like a disease.

es I could do that and should that boy humiliated me.

Who was this boy he just suddenly came to the school tries to steal my girl and embarrass me that boy must have a death wish maybe he's trying to steal my role as head boy. I laughed at the fought of him trying to take my status.

Lucky for me I landed in a rather soft bush but that didn't change anything this boy was a walking time bomb.

Revenge was sweet especially when served by me!!


i knopw this is short but basically james is kinda not worth much now but will be imprtant later

i already have lizzys pov sorted gunna type it up and have it up in a few hours

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