I'm being stalked! O it's by a vampire then its okay???? =s

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Okay guys this is my first chapter and hopefully it will get better eventually

I'm being stalked! O it's by a vampire then its okay???? =s

Chapter 1

*Lizzys pov*

Okay have u ever got the feeling that you are being watched? like there are people in the shadows watching you like they could pop out at any moment and scare you to death?

This is an average day for me , my parents say I'm paranoid but i don't think so.

Okay so my life is normal not like the books with major accidents.I have normal parent a normal brother and have normal friends.

That's what i thought anyways

*Josh pov*

Omg i need to get better at this i can tell that she knows she being watched .i cant help myself even though i was told to stay away.

Lizzy is my girl i met her when she was 6 and was in the forest crying her eyes out. I felt so sorry for her i had to stop and help. I was hungry so hungry that day that I thought I was going to eat her, but there was something about her. I couldn't tell what it was?

Lizzy is human I'm not and I have been warned about a 1000 times to stay away but I can't she is mine. I have been dropping very subtle hints into her dream just an occasional flash of my face or the two of us making out on a beach.That beach dream was my faviorate dream

The worst part of my life was about a week ago when her boyfriend james kissed her!

I actually thought i might rip his head off and enjoy drinking his blood.lizzy didn't know this but he had 4 girls that he was dating at the same time.I would kill him but i cant hurt lizzy.

My girl(lizzy)is now 17 and i cant wait any longer she has to be mine.

Tommrow i start school with lizzy and she will be my girl.

I wonder whats goin to happen if u got any ideas?

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