I'm being stalked! O its by a vampire then thats okay ???=

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Last time of lizzys pov

At that moment all I could hear was my cries, josh yelling for me to stay awake and wake up. The noises were getting further and further away until the darkness consumed me and my heart.

Lizzy pov

I woke up and by god my head was burning like someone had set fire to it and the pain was excruciating and my head was going to implode or exploded witch ever one came first. I couldn't see I think I'm going blind great now I'm blind. The pain was starting subside and now only blackness was too be seen.

Then suddenly it was there one minute and completely gone the next I mean I could see but I don't know if I wanted to see what was around me. I flickered my eyes open trying to get them adjusted to what was around me but the answer was nothing there was just black.

My eyes were know fully open all black was around, great I thought to myself could just faintly see in the distance a faint light. That looked to be getting bigger by the moment. I know this is so going to sound so cliché but the light seemed to fascinate me.

The light looked like a shining beacon in the absolute darkness. The night was alluring and I could feel my body moving towards the light without my concent. I could see my feet moving slowly but I couldn't stop them. My legs had a life of their own; I was just stuck in a body and had no control. Behind me I could see josh. He looked incredible like my own god. Was I falling for this boy I asked myself?

Josh looked at me with pain in his eyes like he was going to die from the look on his face. Could vampires die, is that even possible?

Josh was now on his knees begging for me to follow him, but I still wasn't in control of my body. I so badly wanted to run up too him and find out why he looked in so much pain.

Then it hit me like a frying pan he was in pain because I was walking towards the light or death.

Wow this is how my life is going to end I thought I would have lived longer or at least got to have known josh.

I was now starting the light directly on and I could see nothing and the light was blinding me.

The light swallowed me whole.

I was officially dead. :(

A huge growly voice was talking and all I heard was 'it's not your time to leave yet u have much to find out little one but u need to help josh and he is yours and you are his'

What was this voice/ guy : S saying to me?? I was now so confused my head was starting to hurt great I have a head ache in heaven.

Suddenly I was falling from the sky falling down and down. It looked like I was in a twister but I could see my street, my road my house. Then I was hurdled through the roof of my house it was like I went through the roof and didn't hurt.

I was coughing and spluttering, and dashed up in a cold sweat. I was in control of my body again and it felt great.

The question was now that I'm wake was the voice right? Was I his as he is mine?

I looked around the room and saw him on the floor sleeping by the looks of it and then I knew my heart was lost.

The voice was right.

I asked myself again was I falling for this boy and I knew the answer straight away...............


had to leave it on a cliff hanger!!!

some people were confused so if u had any questions then just ask :D

i think the heat wave in the UK is making me write loads as i wrote more chapter of my others too

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