I'm being stalked! O it's by a vampire then that's okay?? =s

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**Josh pov**

Well the rest of the day was really boring I mean lizzy just sat there with James and didn't even give a look what really Hurt but it's okay cause I know we where mention to be together. There's only 1 minute until class ends and I cant wait. I'm goin to go home and then sit there with my girl all night! Omg I must sound like a total stalker but it's not really because I love lizzy and one day we will be together just like we ment to be we are soulmates!

** bell rings**

Okay now I'm heading back home running through the forest really quickly just so I can see lizzy. It's sad I know but lizzy just makes my heart melt.

When I arrive at my house I quickly get changed and grab a blood bag before I start running. I guess I never really gave her a chance to like me . What happens if she thinks I'm a monster and runs away from me in fear. I don't know if my heart could take it but shorly when she realises we were ment to be together then she can't deny me.

By now I'm nearly at lizzys house when I see a horrific sight of people rolling around on the bed with that desusting boyfriend of hers. There sat there just making out and rolling around on the bed. I can feel the anger rising up inside me I feel like I could kill this boy a thousand times for what him and lizzy are doin. My anger was mixed in with a large amount of jealousy as that's all I want to do is hold her close to me.

I just stare at them looking so happy then they just stop rolling around and start making out with alot of passion.then I started walking away as I wasn't shore my heart could take it.

Then it hit me that maybe she may never love me, just because we were ment to be together doesn't mean we were ment to love each other. When a shooting pain scrapes the inside of my chest making it feel like it's on fire. At that moment I get the feeling that lizzys in trouble but it's not just a feeling it's like I can feel her soul is in pain. As quickly as I can I run back to the house to see lizzy and James making out session is getting hotter and I start to worry about ifthere going to stop before it gets to far.

When I hear lizzy trying to stop James but she just keeps goin and is trying to kiss her even though she is trying with all her might to try to get him off her but he's a football player and she's only a small girl. Again I can feel the anger rising up inside me and I can't take it anymore her soul is crying for help.

Not taking anymore I burst through the window in a fit of rage and protection. I throw James across the room and out the window not really caring about whether he's hurt or not.

I turn around and see my angel staring work a look that would drive me crazy but I knew I had some explaining to do...,

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