I'm being stalked! O its by a vampire then that's okay ??? =s chapter 2

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I'm being stalked! O its by a vampire then that's okay ??? =s

***Lizzys pov***

God i have amazing dreams,this dream was amazing it involved me and a super hot guy on the beach it was so romantic.

Just a dream unfortunatley

Glancing at the clock it says 6.55 i have to get up in 5 minutes but my bed is too warm and comfortable,my alarm clock is barrhhhing at me (yes i have a sheep alarm clock).Sighing i make my way out of bed and get changed into my clothes, luckily my school has no school uniform.I go to a private school so clothes and money aren't a problem, putting on my jimmy choos and sorting out my books into my channel handbag, i start a new day.

So maybe I can tell you a little about me. My parents are filthy rich and love to show it, but I on the other hand don't like to show it,I only wear these clothes cause if I didn't my mum would freak out. My mother is disgusted by the word charity shop. If she knew I shoped there I would be permently grounded. My dad is some sort of TV actor that just got a role in a film.

I laugh at myself for thinking about my parents, they, are very funny and love to make me embarrassed like the other day when I was driving to school in my really crappy car I noticed all the kids in my school crowding around something.so of course being head girl and cheerleading captain I had to go see. In the middle of the kids was a beautiful car to be specific a Bugatti Veyron in bright yellow .On the windscreen was a note saying

To my baby lizzy

Hope you love the car and earns you some brownie points with your friends

Love mum and dad x

At this point I thought I was going to die it was so embarrassing.

That's the day I met my boyfriend James, he is so perfect he looks amazing, he is mega clever but is very popular,that didn't bother me what did bother me was his friend on the football team, they had a bad reputation. I don't know how James hung out with them and stayed normal.

Today was going to be a good day I could just feel it, I kept thinking to myself as I pull up to the school in my new Bugatti Veyron. I sit there for about 5 minutes trying to prepare myself for a day of acting my friends were all plastics and loved to be cruel but I didn't . I just wanted to get good grades but I've been popular too long it goes to your head and when your popular it hard to get out =(

On the other hand though my best friend Elaina is in the same position, we have been best friend for like 8 years and are basically sisters. I know everything about her and could say the same for me. Elaina is the perfect best friend, she cares and listens but could beat anybody to a pulp if she had to or for a friend.

Walking with my gang of 'friends' to class when all of a sudden blaring music is being played. What ever the music was it was loud and had a great tempo and made everybody look.

Out of nowhere a Bugatti Veyron like mine but in grey came flying around the corner and parks right next to my car. Without even realizing it James has come and but his arms around my waist and is staring at this new car.

Out of it steps the most incredible boy u have ever seen he looks like perfection in human form, but is vaguely familiar.if you imagine the hottest boy ever he was 100x better and was wearing some megs nice tight clothes.

James tighten his grip on me and started to kiss all down my neck and face, but this boy was just to fascinating it was like I had been hypnotized.

Something inside me told me I had to know him, but as head girl I should know everybody right? Was that really my reason?

***James pov***

Lizzys staring at the new boy in a way she has never looked at me. This is not good this guy would have to be told the rules of the school and some of my football buddies could help with that.

Lizzy is mine and I don't share!

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