I'm being stalked! O its by a vampire then that's okay ??? =s chapter 14

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For weeks on end drake filled my thoughts, not in the way your thinking just that how he appeared and claimed me as 'his', it kind of freaked me out to be honest

. i mean my life had gotten crazy so quickly one minute im the nobody in school just the normal girl, with james as a kind of stalker then josh appears. josh turns me upside down in such a short time, he made me feel all these feelings i didnt know i could.

Then finally when i think lifes going to settle downand maybe me and josh can give each other a chance,and james just has to show up great (not). and finally when i manage to get rid of james, josh's brother shows up and meets me for like 30minutes and claaims that im his.

Like i said my life is now mentle and yet i cant seem to find a way out of my confussion. Drake was another part of my life that was hard to explain ever since he had appeared josh just seemed so protective like if i sneezed he woud start paniking.

 it was so wierd he would be with me so much that even though i know i loved him i was sick of the sight of him. i needed some time to myself and yet he wouldnt give me even a moment.

Josh spent every moment with me at schol he changed all his classes and made sure he sat next to me, if any of my friends even consideered it josh's evil stares and his face full of fury usually scared them away. Then at nights and after school josh would spend all the time he could with me, at night josh would stay over for a while he slept in my bed ( nothing happened) then the more of him i saw i got fed up so i slowly encouraged him too sleep on the floor. it took a while but he slowly did.

yet josh had night terrors if you can call them that he would wake up shaking violtntly (another reason for him not too be on the floor i havent slept properly in ages) after the violent shaking he would keep saying stuff like

 'no not again' , 'how could you brother' 'you killed her wolf' and the worst for me 'i loved her'

yet what could i do?

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