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***Josh pov***

Today was my first day of school and I had to make a really big entrance or something otherwise I would be just another new kid and that can't happen.

I put on my tightest, best looking clothes then looked at myself in the mirror, I look so hot I thought to myself. I grabbed the keys to my new Bugatti Veyron that I bought just last week. My main reason for buying this car was the fact that lizzy's parent had just brought her the exact same car. So even if we didn't have anything to talk about we could have the same car and a connection.

I am so nervous but I gave myself a physical slap and then a mental one as well. This is going to be a good day... even if I have to make it a good day. One way or another lizzy will be mine, but it's getting to be noticed that she is head girl and head cheerleader and I am the new vampire that apparently is hot, these are not my own words by it's the way it's is, just one of my many past girls had told me this. I really can't believe I date so many girls to try and find my soul mate, then one day I find her in woods. In case you were wondering, yes, lizzy is my soul mate and I have this force that attaches us together, she just doesn't know it yet. Lizzy doesn't know how lucky she is having a vampire that would die for her but she will.

When I was about 5 minutes away from the school, I cranked up the radio to full blast, this will get me noticed I thought to myself smugly. As I pull up at the school I can feel myself getting nervous. Hundreds of thoughts running through my head, what happens if she hates me or rejects me or even worse doesn't love me. I mentally slapped myself at the thought, I can't think like this I have to be positive.

At that moment I'm pulling up to the school and everybody is watching my car pull up next to lizzys yellow Bugatti veyron. Okay I got them where I want them I am the star attraction here, must keep them looking at me but how do I keep their attention?

Stepping out of the car I strut my way to the school through the crowds of people staring at me. Then I spot lizzy and my body freezes, I want to go and kiss her face off, but that may look strange with her boyfriend standing there. James has his arm around her and is kissing her neck. That was the sight I had dreamed hundreds of times and loved so much but the jealousy was about to erupt, at this very moment I want to kill him, how could he touch my lizzy and this boy was going to have problems, big problems if he got in my way and it would probably end up with him in hospital. Thinking of that made me smile.

Looking at lizzy was my only pass time, I would find that at night I could stare at her.... all night sleeping and never get bored. Just looking at her made my heart yearn for her, made me want to take her away from the hurt in the world and keep her with me forever. Maybe I shouldn't tell her all this first time I meet her, it may scare her. The yearning isn't going to go away and I can feel it..... and, at this moment it is my biggest enemies I have to control it. The only problem is I don't want to, I know lizzy is my soul mate and I don't want to hide it, I want to shout it around the school. I also want her to realise that we belong together and we have no choice in the matter and that we are made for each other.

Anyways getting back to real life I nod to a few people then walk off to find the office. Leaving lizzy there looking confused was one of the most painful experiences of my very long life, she looked hurt yet she doesn't know me. Also that boyfriend of her's is staring at me, no wonder I am so hot I thought to myself.

The receptionist was good looking and when she saw me I could tell that she wanted me. I walked up politely and asked 'excuse me can I have my schedule I am josh Connell' she looked in the folders and gave me my schedule and another piece of paper. When outside I looked at the paper it was the receptionist phone number yeah like I was going to call her.

Then suddenly I felt like there was a fire in my heart... what could it be I thought to myself I turned around and there was my angel lizzy. Looking 100x better then beautiful she was perfection. Walking down the corridor I purposely bump into her. I hope I didn't hurt her but I got her attention. 'I'm sorry 'I apologise and pick up her books for her. In a heavenly voce she replies 'it's okay I wasn't looking where I was going'. I stretch my hand out to help her up and she takes it. I think my heart just stopped ...I can feel the electricity running through us and I know everything about her in that very second. I know she can feel it. The yearning goes into overdrive and i bend down to kiss the girl of my dreams until.........


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