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Black Butler x Reader Oneshots ~Requests Open~ by InkGalaxy123
Black Butler x Reader Oneshots ~Lizzy~
Title says all. Enjoy~
  • claude
  • alois
  • sebastian
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Alone  by helloitsabby1
Alone by helloitsabby1
Elizabeth Maximoff is the younger sibling of Wanda and Pietro. Her life had been one bad thing after another until she met Peter Parker. (Sorry I'm bad at descriptions...
  • powerful
  • tonystark
  • pietro
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Dimension- Black Butler (Black ButlerxReader) **On Quotev** by SlytherinGurl66
Dimension- Black Butler (Black SlytherinGirl
Okay, so you and your best friend Josh travel into the world of Black Butler. You get to know all of the characters, however they are starting to act funny around you...
  • readerinsert
  • dimesiontravel
  • claude
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The Pianist and the Beast II(Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) by ZoBug3
The Pianist and the Beast II( ✭ Zo ✭
A quiet young woman with a strong passion for the piano. An extremely broken and emotionless young man served by a devilishly handsome demon butler. Dark secrets that sh...
  • nicholas
  • kuroshitsuji
  • lizzy
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Love's True Color (BWWM) by dance7soccer
Love's True Color (BWWM)by dance7soccer
Lizzy West is like any teenage african-american girl except she was adopted into a white family. When her family moves to an all white neighborhood, she has to deal with...
  • race
  • black
  • love
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Ciels little sister by coral_parsons
Ciels little sisterby coral
When Ciel turned 3 a new little baby girl was born. When the manor was burned down she was only 7. When Ciel was taken she also disappeared. Ciel lost all memories about...
  • contract
  • ciel
  • demon
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The Long Lost Daughter with the Young Master(Black Butler) by Rosemarie52000
The Long Lost Daughter with the Rosemarie
What will happen when Sebastian's long lost daughter, Lucy Rachell, shows up at the Phantomhive Manor? And what will happen when she and Ciel become attracted to each o...
  • anime
  • kuroshituji
  • fanfic
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The "Adoption" by Elizabeth3Marks
The "Adoption"by Elizabeth
Lizzy Bud was a average 12 year old girl until she was kidnaped and put up for "adoption".
  • adopted
  • onedirection
  • newborn
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Uskumatu elu by Kath1235
Uskumatu eluby Kath1235
Mida teha siis, kui sa oled kaotanud kõik, keda armastad? Nii oma vanemad, õe ja sõbrad. Olen Elizabeth, edaspidi Lizzy. Ja minuga juhtusgi nii. Mu vanemad ja õde tapeti...
  • vampires
  • lizzy
  • romance
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Legacies Stuff (✔️) by noacsnel
Legacies Stuff (✔️)by Queen Noa
This is a book about Legacies. I'm going to put all kinds of stuff in here, like photos, videos, quotes, behind the scenes, facts and much more. 🔮 Rank: #4 in legacies ...
  • hope
  • lizzy
  • landon
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True Love by xXdemolitionloverXx
True Loveby Olga Guevara
  • ronnie
  • jeremy
  • trip
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In Love With You❤️ by Fremmer_Jicardo13
In Love With You❤️by Gastina_Jicardo❤️❤️
This book is about Breance,Calex,Menji,Mizzy,Tree and Jicardo but mostly Jicardo
  • thomas
  • bexi
  • madisyn
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Yours || Kuroshitsuji by LadyPhantomhive0707
Yours || Kuroshitsujiby LadyPhantomhive0707
Ciel zostaje zmuszony do poślubienia Elizabeth. Aby zapomnieć o swoim pierwszym pocałunku z blondynką, upija się do nieprzytomności, a Sebastian zabiera go z uroczystośc...
  • sebaciel
  • ślub
  • mpreg
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black butler mummy by japgal94
black butler mummyby japgal94
like the black butler daddy, this book will be about you the reader as one of the black butler ladies daughters
  • angela
  • rin
  • hannah
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Pemberley's Charm: A Pride & Prejudice Variation #wattys2018 by sajmra
Pemberley's Charm: A Pride & 👑 Queen Saj 👑
When Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy agrees to accompany his friend Charles Bingley to his new estate in Hertfordshire, neither man could have anticipated how it would affect thei...
  • jane
  • wattys2018
  • pemberly
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Being Lizzy's Sister (Ciel Phantomhive Fanfiction) by acediamonde
Being Lizzy's Sister (Ciel Aliace Diamonde
I was always a sickly child. Never went out of the house much. Until the day Elizabeth dragged me to Ciel Phantomhive's mansion with her. "Come on, Bethy! You have...
  • phantomhive
  • cielphantomhive
  • evangeline
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Hurricane // Matty Healy ♣ The 1975 by biglosergal
Hurricane // Matty Healy ♣ The 1975by biglosergal
///SEQUEL TO WATER/// Love is a ridiculous, cruel thing. thank you to @artiepants for the amazing cover.
  • relationships
  • water
  • 1975
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☑Love each other (Sebaciel & Underlizzy) by Lizzy-the-badass
☑Love each other (Sebaciel & Elizabeth Midford
basically a short dumb story of love boys love warning maybe smut theres some underlizzy idk but I need someone for liz and unnie-kun is hot
  • boylove
  • cielxsebastian
  • undertaker
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The First Ziegler  by LZ_Shadow
The First Ziegler by Shadow
I'm Elizabeth but people call me Lizzy which I don't mind I have two little sister but since my mom work for a secret agansty once they were born my mom left them with m...
  • lizzy
  • aldc
  • ziegler
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