I'm being stalked! O its by a vampire the that okay ???=S chap4

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***Josh's pov***

I was tackled to the ground by about 6 or 7 huge football players landing on me and sent flying to the ground, i wasn't expecting it. That hurt even for me and it looks like these boys aren't going to be moving .i actually could have exploded at this minute i could feel the anger growing inside me and i was about to throw all of these boys half way across the school, but i think that may have looked a little bit suspicious as these guys were football players and that's some muscle.

Still stuck under the football players I looked to my right side and I could see my heaven, not literally because heaven was just boring in real life all u could do was be nice but that's not my point. In that very moment I could feel myself getting calmer, I just sat there and stared at heaven.

***James pov (lizzys boyfriend)***

That skank, he just tried to kiss my girlfriend, I could quite literally kill him but I think that he has had enough punishment for one day. I hope he got the message that you don't mess with me or my girl. It was actually really funny to watch ,I had planned to catch him as he came out of class but that was the perfect moment. I had some of my football buddies help me out and they were more than enthusiastic as this guy was taking most of the girls.

I ran over and gave my girl lizzy a hug and a passionate kiss just to rub it in for this guy to tell him that I was the only guy to kiss her and always would. Actually she just kissed back and accepted the kiss and replied with passion. I hugged her closer and we started to walk away but before we did I turned to look back and see the guys still on him and gave them the thumbs up.

Whilst walking away I was thinking what happens if this turns into a fight I mean I wouldn't mind punching that boys face in for what he tried to do to lizzy. I would fight for her though because she is so special and mine.

***lizzys pov ***

I took a look at this new boy I think his name started with j something like josh or jack I don't know but it was hilarious to see this guy under 6 football players. I can't believe I nearly kissed him, I mean I am in a happy relationship with the perfect boyfriend, but there was something strange about that boy.

Then I see James coming over to see me and I think about how good he's looking I mean not as good as the guy tha's getting crushed but still good looking. Suddenly I am pulled into a passionate kiss by James and it takes me a minute to work out what exactly he is doing but then I respond with same passion.

James and I have a very physical relationship he always want to make out and not that I'm protesting it's just that I know he wants sex and I'm not sure if I'm ready but he isn't rushing me. Yet.

After James is finished kissing me he puts his arms around my waist and then we start to walk off to go off to class and all the other kids start filling the hall ways, but, I take one look back and see that the guys are still on him, I take a good long look at his face and I feel a shooting pain going across my chest


I need to talk to Elaina because this is freaking me out.......

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