Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

We finally landed in Paris; for fashion week. I stepped out of the private jet stretching my body like a cat, the irony in that I thought.

The city of Paris always filled with love and new romance blossoming. That has always been my thoughts of Paris. The city of love.

I know for others it was the sexy accent or the food, but for me its all about the love.

Once I got out and walked to the luxurious hotel. I texted Macey, letting her know we had landed; I also, made sure that I knew every little updates about Alina.

I stared down at her picture admiring the little pup that I gave birth to.

When I thought back what life would be without Alina I shivered, shaking all the thoughts out of my head. To be honest without Alina, I would have been a list cause. But Alina brought me back to reality; I am doing all of this for her. Nobody else but for her.

We entered inside the hallway's, staying close to one another. The models followed behind, while James took the lead. He walked with superiority, tall and proud.

But were were also followed by the 4 guys in suits, which made me hesitant. As much as it is professional, it's frustrating, knowing these men I don't even know me knew my every move. I felt my body panic. What if they knew Adam? Ignoring the anxiety I focused in the hotel.

The hotel was classy and elegant that read sophistication. The chandeliers were big and extravagant. Every window had their own large drapes, styling its way out, and this was only the foyer. As we made our way to our floor, we separated into our groups. Altogether there were 7 models, me and James.

Four stayed in the largest suite, while me and the other three stayed in the other. James however, got his own. Despite the fact he had said 'no sex while on business' I didn't know if he would stand by his words. Oddly I did believe him, but yet I didn't. There are lots of lady's walking around Paris in the reach of a womanizer. I would most certainly believe any lady in France will try and get the attention of James.

"Laura, Mellissa, Lilly and Tara. You girls are all in room 121 and Mercedes Lucy and Sasha you girls are in room 120" James said passing us the room key.

"Thank you James" Lilly purred. All the others ignored her.

I wouldn't say Lilly is the flirt, but she sure is a tiger. Once she has her eyes set on something she digs her nails in, deep.

The other girls were very professional when it came to James.

"Thanks" we all said after one another.

"Sure girls. Make sure you get your beauty sleep. Set your alarm, because we will only be able to have 5 hours nap before our first meeting with the other models in France."

"Night, night" Lilly purred again. For some reason her comment, I let a growl slip.

James looked at me with confusion than his eyes adjusted to realisation. My heart instantly stopped.

James still had his eyes on me, I shifted awkwardly, knowing that my growl sounded really possessive and angry.

"Urm... so lets just get going" I said , making every one turn to look at me. All the girls nodded making their way to their room's.

I couldn't scold Lilly because even though I'm professional I can't force her to be as well. If they choose to be like this who am I to go against them.

James walked away looking back at me a final. My heart had been beating so fast that I couldn't brethe. What had I done? This could ruin anything we had.

I walked into mine following Sasha and Lucy who were gossiping away.

I landed on the king size bed. "Mercedes?"

"Yes Sasha?" lifting myself up I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Don't you find it a tincy bit awkward what Lilly did out their?" she asked nervously. I knew she wanted to know something else; this was just her conversation starter.

"Why would I be?" I shrugged my shoulder. When in all honesty, I was burning with jealousy.

"Oh nothing" she swatted her hand, walking away. I knew she wanted to get something off her chest, but was too nervous to say anything.

"Come on, I like a bit of gossip to" I didn't want them to think my life was based around my job, when it really wasn't. I wasn't a bore.

"Promise you won't get angry with us" Sasha said turning to face me again.

"Us?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Me, Lucy and Tara" she said in conformation.

"Go on then"

"Well we kind of see the way that James looks at you-"

"Where are you going with his?" I felt panicked again.

"James love's you" Lucy blurted out, covering her mouth. Sasha glared at her, then muttering something like this under her breath 'we were meant to take it slow'

I couldn't stop but turn solid, my posture froze, and it didn't even make a slight twitch. James can't love me and even if he did, his mate will always be number 1 in his eyes. I could never let myself fall for him; I know he would dump me for his mate anyway. That is one thing I fear all the time, the fact that he will leave me and Alina when he starts his new life.

"Look , what she means is the way he looks at you is different and as your friends we want you to stop being professional and go out and get him." When I heard the words friends I felt a sense if happiness. I never really had any friends, except for my father.

"We know you like James to"

"You do don't you! Told you" Lucy told Sasha smugly which made me snap out of it.

"Jeez shut up women." Sasha glared at Lucy with annoyance. I giggled at there interaction which made them them look confused in response. It was refreshing to see their friendship "Look sorry for miss big mouths outburst. What she meant is if you like him, don't let your job get in the way."

"Urm I think I need to have a shower. Thank you anyway, I don't think anything will be going on between us"

From that I left to have a long warm shower.I reflected in what they said. Maybe they're right.

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