Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

"Mariah what the hell happened to Alina!" James voice echoed in the hallway. He looked furious, I knew he hated seeing Alina crying or even upset.

He barged at me, not that I felt any fear; I knew he would never hurt me.

I just couldn't help but feel so comfortable around James, it should actually be Adam who I shouldn't fear, but no it is James.

But for some reason I felt so guilty. I know I hadn't done anything wrong, actually i did something right. I hadn't let my mate let go anywhere near Alina. He may have come in contact with her but I took guard straight away.

I practically do feel like it's my fault. I should have taken Alina to my photo shoot, or made it clear to Taren not to go anywhere near Adams pack or territory. Even though he wasn't really in Adams territory, Adam being the pathetic idiot he is believes it is. He just feels as if though he owns the whole of Miami. Which he does not! I find it funny how immature he can become. Alina is more mature than a 19 year old alpha. I pity him.

Speaking of the shoot, more fear was striking in me, as people who I had seen or are from my pack were actually visiting the site that my shoot was at. Even though I ignored all the wolf whistles and attention I received I felt so disgusting. I hate them! I don't get how they can be so pathetic. Just because I'm hot and rich, doesn't mean they have the right to act like they care. If I was still that 'ugly' girl or loser, they wouldn't even glance at me never mind stare. To be honest they would spit on my face and talk about how much I'm an ungrateful wolf or I'm not worthy of living.

Who would have thought money and my lifestyle could change people's views.

"Nothing James." I said sighing.

"Why the hell did Taren come in with bruises on his face?" he growled, still keeping his glare firmly on me. I felt like the criminal at the moment. His hazel eyes darting at me and his threatening tone wasn't helping much.

"How am I supposed to know James" he stayed quiet. He stared at me blankly, then sighing to himself. "Exactly! I wasn't even their" I lied.

I hate lying but it needed to be done. I didn't want him to really worry. I knew he would go ballistic if he heard about the events. And believe me no one wants to see a nasty James. I think that is because no one has seen him in that state of mind or mood before. Thats why we fear the unseen.

"Go to your daughter now "he said through clenched teeth ordering me. I nodded, but I could sense the anger and annoyance in the air. I wasn't too sure why he was annoyed. As I walked pass him he grabbed my hands in his palms. "I don't want to see you get hurt, you wanted to come here and you got it." he said with concern but I could tell his tone was bitter. "Just make sure Alina is safe" he hissed.

He threw my hand from his palm. I felt so hurt. Lots of emotions were getting to me, I felt kind of betrayed.

Then I gasped, I knew he was thinking. He's thinking I am a terrible mother, allowing my angel getting hurt. He held onto my hands once more in his, this time I ripped my hands from his. He grimaced at my actions and his angry expression turned tender, and I could see in his eyes the hurt he felt. "You know I will protect her in any cost. And how dare you question my parenting? I'm still young!" I exclaimed.

He flinched from my tone "I didn't mean it like that. I just hate seeing you get hurt. Since your mate is near us it's harder for me to keep my cool, knowing that sick bastard still walks on this surface of the earth"

I gulped hard, I never thought of it that way. I knew he wasn't still settled with things but he did try. I felt selfish, if only my thinking was more like James it would be easier for me.

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