Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

My hands trembled, while the red gooey trail of blood seeped down my shaking, pale hands. My vision blurred, everything seem so far and unreal to me. I was blind from the world, the scene i just made. I was deaf from the screams. My pain was so unbearable that my actions had a mind of its own. Everything seem so faint to me. My actions and the dreading feeling coming after.

My father was murdered by the man everyone trusted. His own best friend. My heart wrenched with agony. I trusted Tom not knowing he was my fathers murderer.

I ran out of the pack house not wanting to bear with the sight or even the stench. My feet pounded aggressively against the pavement my breathing hitching and my heart pounding angrily against my chest. He was murdered, my heart cried out in pain.

I needed James! My heart was in pain just thinking how far i was away from him. I needed him now more than ever. My life depended on him.

My tears were blinding me while my heart ache pained me when i thought to much about how my father had stood in front of a bullet fro Aretha. Little did my father know Tom had also pulled the trigger shooting her more than once. Then throwing her body in the gutter out of panic. But then James was the ine to find her laying their with gashes and shots to her face, head and body.

Tom had killed her and killed his son while at it. He was irrational with his actions but it was too late. He drove his son away and turned his younger son into a monster. Someone who had to suffer at the hands of men who his father trusted. Tom was the problem. He was the one that created all this mess. He took the life of my mothers mate, a father, a son and a friend. Tom turned my mother into an emotional, abusive alcoholic. Everything was his fault!

I didn't regret my actions because i believe he deserved it. Its true my rage blinded me but i didn't regret what i did. He killed many people wether it was putting them into the ground or emotionally killing them. He became a mass murderer without knowing it.

The sound of screeching tyres and horns blasting made me aware of where i was. But it was to late. I felt an imense impact, as I was savagely thrown to the ground.My strangled scream choked out, my body was burning. I felt paralysed. Lights blinded me but they easily put me to sleep.

My eyes slowly fluttered open. I groaned in pain when my brain decided to ache with severe pain. As i moved my arm i felt my hands being restrained by some wires. I tried to tug but theses wires were injected into my skin deeper making me screech in surprise.

Rubbing my tired eyes I yawned carelessly feeling my dry mouth water. I felt thirsty. My eyes opened clearly taking in the sight of the room that i was in.

I lay in a hospital bed with machines surrounding me. With faint sound of beeps surrounding me. I tried to move but my body wouldn't move. I tired to sit up but my abdomen fired up like i was being sliced. I cried out in agony but the pain was still their vibrating around my body. I soothed myself by calming my body down. But to no avail the firing sensation stayed with a vengeance.

Sighing taking in all the pain,even though half my body was numb, but that didnt stop my abdomen eating me up alive. I hesitantly rose the white and blue blanket that covered my body. Part of me feared from rising the gown i wore, but i did. I gasped at the state of my body. Scars that laid perfectly at my abdomen, it seemed like i had been under the knife. Not only was their scars but my body was heavily emaciated. My toned stomach and hips were now sagged with bones shoeing through. My ribs were perfectly in show with bruises scattered along my body.

I hadn't realised i was crying until i tasted salty tears. My heart clenched as i found it hard to cry, but eventually i cried. My heart was constricting and my stomach was twisting in pain when i cried loudly. I cried because of the state i was in and not understanding what was happening.

Where was James, Alina or even the nurses. Where was everbody. This time i screamed my tears pouring out i thrashed around and my breathing was becoming more aggressive.

What was happening? Where was everyone? Why was i alone?

"No" i tired to scream but my voice cracked and i found it hard to scream. It felt like i couldn't. I gave it another shot but my voice was croaky and raspy. "Whats happening?" I cried with my croaky voice. Where was Mariah i know?Why couldn't i speak?

I raised my head up to the sky "help me please?" I begged. "Oh god. Pleased" i pleaded breathlessly.

I cried with my sore body giving out. I didnt cry because if the pain, but i cried because i was alone. I was gone. Who was I?

I ripped the wires and the sound of the machines beeping loudly made me clench my hands around my ears and beg fir the noise to stop. "Stop!" I screamed. I thrashed my body crying and screaming. My eyes were blurred and i began to shake i was alone in a dark hole.

"Mariah!" I felt a pair of hand hold on to my hands and pin them down softly. I cried loudly bot knowing who was their. Wiping away my stinging eyes i stopped thrashing.

"James?" I aksed breathlessly not believing he stood in front of me. I reached out and stroke his pale cheeks, he looked unwell. "James!" I cried hugging him tightly. It was him he smelt like my James. "Oh god" i cried into his shoulder. I stay in his embrace for what felt lime centuries but it was only for 10 minutes.

I tried to pull away but he held me thier then i finally heard the sniffles and tears soaking my gown. He pulled away slowly cupping my face into his hands. He checked my forehead his fingers touching my face seeing if i was real.

"Your awake" his chocked, holding back tears. I stared at him unknowingly. Awake? "We thought you'd never wakeup" He frowned sadly

"Whats going on?" I questioned. The door suddenly opened my eyes widened. "Alina?" My voice hitched.

"Mom" a grown Alina walked towards me. I stared at her and then at James. How can she have grown up so fast just yesterday she was my baby Alina who depended on me, the one year old. But here stood an older Alina.

She was beautiful her features were being shown the baby face dissapered and here stood an older little girl. I was in a state of shock. How could this be?

"Whats going on!" I screamed. "Why does she look older?" I cried out. The imposter of Alina stood girl wide eyed with worry.

James stared at me before uttering these words which made my world stop " you were in a coma for 7 years"

"No" i choked out. "No!" I screamed "please tell me your lying and that Alina's still a baby" all James did was look away from me. "Oh no" i whispered. I had been away from my daughters life for 7 years now. My hands trembled and i began to cry.

James held me in his arms soothing me. How could i be calm i was gone from their lives for 7 years.

So what do you think? Expecting that?The next chapter will hold what happened to the other characters including Tom. And her condition, detail of her state. Their will be an epilogue soon well im thinking of doing it after the next chapter. But we
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