Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

I fiddled with my platinum dress which i had brought form Arabia, during a visit. I made sure to look modest and respectable. I didn't want to wear something which revealed all my assets, I wanted to keep them hidden from all the unwanted, roaming eyes.

I still hate the fact that I will have to visit them, alongside with James. I knew he wasn't really thrilled about meeting them either, but when it comes to his pack' safety and alpha duties he will do so.

I ran my hair through the curls, and patted the waterfall plait that Tyre had done for me. I looked the part of being important. I wore my gold platform heels, making sure to elegant, but yet so simple.

I took a deep breath in, I hadn't spoken to James since the incident and to be honest I wasn't planning to do for a while. But I know I had to now, if I wanted to make James look good in front of the 3 alphas that were also visiting, the Teel pack.

As I walked down the spiral stair case, I looked towards the living room. I couldn't help but smile at the sight I was seeing, Alina bouncing on James lap, while he helped her keep her balance. I could hear her soft giggles, which James had made her do.

Then both James laughter and Alina's giggles had stopped. I looked up at both of them not realising their eyes were on me. Alina's hands clapped to her mouth. I giggled at both of them gawking at the sight in front of them. I couldn't help but let out a blush. My laughter grew stronger as I watched Alina put her hands on top of James eyes, so he couldn't 'perve' on her momma. I shook my head and walked up to both of them. James was trying his hardest to get Alina's hands off his eyes, but he failed at all the attempts.

Alina finally let her hands fall beside her. James now had a better view of me.

"You....urm.... look beautiful" James gulped hard, making his Adam apples bob.

He didn't look bad himself, he looked hot, actually that was an understatement. There are no words to say how he looked like. Not even Greek god. He wore a tight fitting shirt, with a grey blazer on top. But the fact that he pulled of his outfit looked great. He didn't wear typical grey matching trouser, no, he wore chinos, which looks faded black, but were blue. He added to his fashion as he wore leather laced up pumps.

I saw a smirk twitch at the edge of his mouth, as he watched me check him out. I remembered I was still upset with him, so I stood up straight, smiling at him. "Thank you James" I finally answered.

"Mama!" Alina screamed, which made whip my head towards my daughter who held onto a bright smile. I giggled when I watched her fighting to escapes James hold. I extended my arm's which made her finally escape his grip so now she was in my hold.

"Alina" I whispered into her ear. I patted her back, the stoked her curls, kissing he tops of her head. "What time will Taren get here by?" I asked glancing over to the clock.

"Urm" James coughed, trying to regain back his voice. "He said he'll be here soon" then I heard footsteps entering the living room, speaking of the devil.

I turned around to Taren, who was staring at me, but then he smirked. "I will so tap that later" Taren commented.

We heard a growl vibrating from James chest. We all looked towards James, including Alina. "Dude I'm joking. She's all yours man" Taren said, holding his hands up, taking few steps back. I glared at James, which just made him clench his teeth. This really needs to stop. He's acting like this all of a sudden. I turned my attention back to Taren, giving him an apologetical smile. He waved it off.

I handed Alina to Taren, who held Alina like she was his own. She wrapped her arms around his neck, snuggling into the crook of his neck, as he whispered something funny in her ear which made her laugh. They both made their way out, while Alina held onto her special blanket. As the door slammed shut, I breathed in.

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