Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Adam's POV

"No Alina!" I heard pretty boy scream. Which shocked me as he spoke it with no hesitation.

My head instantly snapped towards Alina. My breathing hitched as I looked up at an adorable child, who was running towards us. Her light brown afro bounced as she trotted her way over. Her expression was fearless and angry. But what amazed me were her eyes. The eyes I always look at while looking into the mirror. The eyes that are looking at the breath taking girl that I have ever seen.

Her scent was familiar, and refreshing. For some reason I had this strong pull towards her. I instantly got up without knowing what my next step would be. I could hear pretty boy cussing me trying to anger me but I just couldn't get angry. The little girl that was only few feet away had my attention. She stood their looking at me with wide eyes. Then I saw something, Mariah. She looked exactly like my mate.

As I neared her, I knelt in front of her. We stared at one another, she smiled innocently. Full of innocence and adoring child is what all I saw. We both stared at each other with curiosity for a very long time.

She took out her tiny little hands, indicating for me to hold on. Without any hesitation I did so. I took her little hands into my palm, stroking the top part with my thumb. "Alina?" I asked.

She tilted her head, hiding her eyes with her free hand. I couldn't believe I was interacting with a child. I hate them. But this little girl had my attention. I instantly felt so protective over her, and protecting her from any danger. Never in my life have I ever felt this much love for someone, except for Mariah but this little girl already had me wrapped around her finger.

I realised she was unable to speak so I left it there admiring her, she was something more to me. She felt like a part of me. I felt a strong tug towards her. "Hey...sw-eet-ie" I stuttered as I never was so loving or caring. No sweet words could ever roll off my tongue. I always had such a foul and terrible tongue. But the word's 'sweetie' rolled off my tongue without any realisation.

What shocked me more was when a smile twitched on the corner of my mouth. "You idiot get away from her!" pretty boy shouted. I could tell he was still in major pain. But for some reason his word hadn't even affected, normally if someone would have disrespected me his life would be on the line.

One thing was that I had respect for pretty boy. He is risking his own life for this little girl. I couldn't help but growl, my little girl. My eyes widened, did I just say that? I don't even know her she may not even be my daughter. No she is! I snapped at myself. She has to be my little girl.

I felt slightly nervous not really knowing what to do? I have never come close to a child before. I am also inexperienced. I'm still knelt taking in her appearance. She looked like a rich girl, with a really classy family. She wore brown tights' with such a stylish dress. She is definitely a wolf, maybe her family are alphas.

Her forest eyes twinkled as she smiled up at me, after removing her tiny little hands away from her eyes. Her dark, tanned complexion, her pink cheeks and her light brown hair, is all I could take in. I just felt this urge to hug her and take her in my arms, taking her home with me.

"Alina!" pretty boy screamed. What made me growl was when her gaze averted from me back to pretty boy. I just hated that she responded to pretty boy, she almost would have got killed coming to protect him when I nearly killed him. I wanted her attention and her to know me more than pretty boy. She stepped back away from me pouting her lips like she was going to cry. I hadn't come into realisation that my growl had scared her off. In an instant I could feel my heart clenching and sadness pouring over me. I didn't want her to be scared of me. I watched her look at pretty boy who was now crawling towards us.

"Alina I'm sorry" I heard a gasp come from pretty boy. I gasped as well, I just apologised. I Adam Teel never apologises to anyone. But yet I say sorry to a girl who can't barley understand me or could even respond back.

I crept up closer to her stroking her cheeks, and loving the feeling that she felt safe with me. She didn't feel shy nor did she feel afraid now, which made me sigh with relief. I also felt like I knew this girl or met her before.

"Adam don't you dare touch her!" pretty boy snarled. Something overcame me and i felt the urge to protect Alina from him. His voice held a threat to my ear.

My involuntary reaction was shaking. I got up guarding Alina so she was behind me and I grabbed him by throat. I thought enough of playing games I will snap his pretty little neck.

I felt a small little hand touch my palm that was at the side of me. She clutched onto my hands, and I instantly dropped pretty boy.

I could hear him gulp. "She's your pup isn't she?" pretty boy whispered. "But it can't be Mercedes would never get pregnant by you" he spat bitterly.

I gasped so I was right it is Mariah. But when, I thought.

'THE TIME YOU RAPED HER!' my wolf screamed. The words rang in my head for ages, bouncing from wall to wall. Every word felt like a pain. When I mated with her she got pregnant.

I look down at the Alina who was now in pretty boys arms. He was cradling her while I looked shocked.

"Mariah?" pretty boy nodded weakly. "She's my mate" I whispered to him. His eyes winded.

I just couldn't move, i so badly wanted to reach for Alina and rip her from his arms. But I just couldn't believe she had gotten pregnant. That was all i could think about

"But she can't be she's so nice and you're so mean" he spat but the last bit was more of a growl.

"Shit! I missed my own daughter's birth" I muttered.

But more and more thoughts came into my head. Mariah had to go through this without me. Why hadn't I even found out about this? Why didn't my wolf get an instant realisation that our pup was born. Why didn't Mariah inform me about this?

The more and more questions swarming in my head the more and angrier I got, my body shaking with anger. I wanted to know everything about my daughter. I want to spoil her love her and give her everything I can possibly give. I will take her and my mate back and start all over again. I will start a family.

Then the most breathtaking scent hit me. My wolf howled in excitement. I turned around to see the beauty queen. My body grew weak, just the sight of her made me happy. I hadn't seen her since I exiled her and the anticipation made it more thrilling. Her shining beauty, her innocence still held on her face with such light. My damsel in distress.

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