Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Mariah's POV

I sat outside on the front porch waiting for James. I knew something had been up when he had barged into the house steaming with anger. I knew James, and that anger he had was not something James would not be of. I knew asking him would make it worse so I sat back and watched him rip and break things in the house. I just hoped it was his way of venting his anger.

Part of me wanted to ask him. Was it because of Aretha? If it was i could understand. Her death was horrible and it was something he couldn't ever forget. It was tattooed to his memory.

I just hoped one day he could find justice, and know the truth. He deserved it. After all he suffered alone and never spoke of it. I knew that could damage him more then he think it could. I didn't want to lose him because realisation hit me. Life.

Everything I needed in my life was here for me. My daughter and the man i love, and i needed to show my dedication. I needed to show him that i cared. I needed to do this. I had to talk to Tom about this. I needed the truth.

"Taren!" I called out. I stiffled a laughter when i saw him sleepily yawn and glare down at from the staircase. "Did i wake you?" I asked sheepishly. He gave me wide eyed expression saying 'really'. "Im just heading out for a while so is it okay if you just watch over Alina for a while. Shes sleeping but just in case keep the receiver in your in room"

"Yea whatever women" he scolded jokingly. I turned away to finally find the truth. This was it.

"Dont go back with him" i heard Taren sigh behind me. I turned to see him walk away from me.

I knew Adam was nothing to me. I may have confronted him and acted peaceful with him but i didn't want him to be Alina's father. She already had one. One who cared and truly loved her.

From now on Adam was just a memory. My past.

I stood outside the house door. I was contemplating whether to go in or not. But my wolf stirred with determination which awakened my senses and finally made me ring that doorbell. I breathed in heavily waiting what felt like forever, but in reality it was only seconds.

"Mariah!" a suprised voice spoke. This time Toms voice didn't feel loving and inviting. Maybe i was being biased, but I knew Tom wasn't the man i thought he was. He was a cold hearted man. "What are you doing here??" His voice broke out.

"Why did you do it?" Tom frowned knowingly, his face sagged and an expression corssed across his face that i wasnt able to comprehend. He seemed deep i thought, staring down at the floor.

"He told you then didnt he?" He stared blankly at me, but that sad smile held more than his words did.

"Tell me it isn't true" i begged pathetically. Part of me wanted to believe he didnt kill her because of the trust i had built for him. Something that was proven hard for me after my fathers death. But knowing i trusted a man who had no heart pained me, i felt deceived.

"Maybe not out here" he chuckled sadly. I nodded and followed him into the mansion that stood tall and proud. The house which i hated more than anything in the world. This house held memorys for many people good and bad. But for 'Leo' i knew this house haunted him. It was his home, the place he grew up in. The place where he brought his mate to expecting her to be accepted, but then to find out her murders lived under this roof.

I sat at the edge of the couch glaring at the family photo that only held him, his wife and their only child

"You hate me dont you?" I looked up and glared up at him.

"What do you think?" I spat angrily i didn't mean to come out as harshly, but it seemed my voice had a mind of his own.

He smiled sadly nodding his head " i hadnt meant to. It was an accident." His hands rubbed his tired eyes. "I felt like if i pushed her away i was protecting him"

"From what?" I glared. "From love!" I screamed. "You ruined him! You ruined everything he had! He loved his brother and you took that away."
I whispered the last bit angrily at him. " How could you? We all trusted you. How can we trust you when you hurt your loved ones!"

"It was a mistake i panicked" he cried out. " i didn't mean to kill her. I didn't mean to drive him away. I was protecting him from much worse!" His hands clenched onto his hair.

"Tell me then. Why did you need to protect him?" I asked bitterly.

He stared up at me "her family could do worse. Caused a war. Killed him brutally" i stopped him

"But didnt you take her life? That makes you just as bad. You were the only threat!" I spat. "Thats all i needed to know." I stood up.

Tom shot up from his seat. "Don't leave let me explain" he begged.

Again I thought for a while. Sighing i grudgingly sat back down. I needed to know everything in detail. From the start.

"Maybe you start from the beginning" i said

"No interruptions?" He asked, i nodded which made him smile. "Aretha was from Greece. Her family were notoriously known for being brutal. They didn't care whi they fought, they just fought out of anger. Our pack wasn't well known to be brutal fighter, but now of course we are. We had few meeting with them since we were in good terms with them. They were our allies. After we got to know them we realised they were just greedy, selfish idiots. So we decided that we didn't want to do much business with them which turned sour. They created mishaps for us and stole from us, we realised we needed to take actions so we retaliated which caused a big war which ended bitterly as you can tell." He sighed sadly. "Your dad always told me not to anything stupid, but i did. He told me not to start a war and end it as a peace treaty but instead i fought fire with fire causing a huge flame. I was warned but my pride and honour spoke out and not my brain. After we had ended our war we settled for a peace treaty which your father organised. Her father and I didn't want to but we did it for our pack. When Leo turned 16 he found her. His mate Aretha, her father caused a riot and so did we. We forbade them from seeing each other it was good since she lived in Greece during her school vacation. But that didn't stop them. They had threatened him and had him beaten up. We couldn't do much because we didn't want to start another war. Leo was being hurt physically and emotionally. One night she decides to run away and stay in our basement we kept it hidden and i tried to protect him. But once night it go out if hand and sadly she lost her life."He looked sadly at me. "You remember how your father died?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yea he was murdered for standing in front of a bullet for a little girl because of a stupid jealous man." He nodded.

"Part of it is the truth but we hid things that could hurt you. Im sorry" I stared at him with confusion. " I was blinded my rage that i shot her father, she turned into her wolf form protecting her father growling at me so i reacted. i had hurt her and almost killed her becuase i was angry. I knew they would torture Leo if i hadn't killed her father. She stood their with gashes and trembling hand i saw her father rise I panicked and fired so many shots i shot her father in the head." Tom stared at me blinking his eyes with tears seeping down his face. His voice choked and he finally said "Your father was the man that stood in front of Aretha to save her life. He took a bullet for her which i angrily pulled" his hands trembled. His last few words haunted me "I took your fathers life" my eyes blurred, my heart stopped. My world fell apart.

Sorry for being MIA my laptop hasn't been working and i haven't had time since i have loads of work and a hectic year. I just wrote all of this in my phone but i guess its worth it. Good way to carry on writing. Thanks for your patience.


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