Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I could hear the alarm blaring in my ears. I heaved my body from the bed, rubbing my eyes tiredly. I looked up at the time, which is now 9:45 pm. Shit I need to be ready.

I rummaged through my suitcase for clothe to wear. I settled to wear a loose jumper and som high waisted jeans. But before I wore my clothe I showered and brushed my teeth.

I combed my brown hair, letting the loose natural curl's bounce at the end.

"Sasha, Lucy we need to wake up now." I shook Sasha's arm.

She groaned, but still managed to get up; I did the same to Lucy who protested in response.

They both got ready, while I made my way towards the lift.

James scent was present in the hallway along with perfume. I turned around to see that he was no where in sight

"James, I can smell you. So don't bother hiding?"

"Shit!" I heard him mutter. He came out from the shadows with a beautiful women walking away from my direction.

I could hear his footsteps but i ignored him. I pressed the lift button, which opened up straight away. We both entered the lift together in compete silence.

"You're so intelligent it's unbelievable" he said with pure sarcasm, rolling his eyes at me. I grinned internally as I could see he was trying to ease the situation.

"Thanks" I replied back dryly. I don't mean to sound mean but every time James would decide hook up it bothered me.

"How was your night?" He smirked.

"Its was nice not having Alina waking me up." I smiled as he stood close to me. I felt the heat between me and him but it was his face that had me melting.

But I couldn't think of him like this, we were going to a meeting and I had to be professional. Which meant hiding feelings for him.


All the girls made their way out of the office dragging their bodies out of the glassed room.

They all wore the same expression on their face, tiredness and boredom. We hadn't really done anything productive or useful. It was more like 'blah blah blah.'

We came all the way to France our first priority being this meeting and it ended being pointless.

It was pointless, all we talked about was what our models should improve on. Even though 'Cruella De Vil' asked for our opinion's, we never really got to put our own point. Because loud mouth decided to but in and criticise every time we decided to say anything.

Cruella De Vil the heartless women wanted to use fox fur for her latest collection. I had object to such a design. We all protested saying se wouldn't walk in her clothe if she condone it.

Being a werewolf our furs are uncommon and beautiful. Thats why James and his collection were against animal cruelty. Being poached wasn't a statement.

"Mariah" I turned around to see James calling me. "An unexpected photo shoot has come your way. I need to know now if you want to go ahead or not." I laughed at the way he spoke.

"Yes I'll agree but what time is it at?" I asked.

"Well it's at 5 in the evening" I nodded, this sounds perfect for me.

I haven't done a shoot for a while. It's mainly because I've been preparing my models, for the big finally.

"By the way hot thing" I glared a time, but the fool just laughed. James would give me silly nicknames. I wasn't use to it but it had my stomach fluttering.

But I got even nervous knowing that someone might overheard us."Thats not professional"

"Look stop worrying about how you look like in front of them. Remember I'm the main man of this industry, and I can fire anyone who has a problem with it." He was right, I had never realised how much power James has. I know he wouldn't mind me going a bit off task. But I take my job seriously i needed to prove that even being young I could still handle this.

What about if the scenario was this, I had to make my way through my modelling career, without James. It wouldn't be that easy now would it?

"You're professional. Everyone knows that. Just loosen up will you. How about after your shoot I'll take you out to McDonalds and buy you happy meal" he joked.

I slapped him hard which made him lose him balance, but not enough to make him fall.

"Now isn't that professional?" he questioned, as he raised an eyebrow. I hadn't realised we were still outside the meeting room, and my models were out with me. But none of them were looking at our scene, instead they were checking out the magazine full of hot French male models.

I looked embarrassed slightly and scared. "Fine you better take me somewhere good." I huffed childishly.

"Well I wouldn't be James if I didn't go that extra mile" he winked at me.

James never took me to any old place; he would take me to the most extravagant, posh restraunt. He made sure everything was perfect, which has always been a bad habit of his.

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