Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Trying my best to open my eyes had me feeling even more frustrated . I had a spinning headache with the worst morning sickness. I had never felt so tired and weak since my pregnancy. I can't even describe the headache.

I was frustrated even more as I coudlnt even remember yesterday. It was all a blur.

Now my stomach was acting I groaned in annoyance. I hurried throwing away my blanket and rushing to the toilet.

I vomited violently into the toilet, closing my eyes tightly. My head was still ringing and I groaned as the pain had gotten worse. I went to wash my face grabbing a tissue dabbing it my mouth. I looked up to see my make up all smudged. I looked so dead and ugly right now.

I looked down at the oversize shirt I was wearing. My eyes were now wide open. I quickly checked to see if I had in my underwear i sighed with relief.

The scent was familiar. James.

How the hell did I get into his top?

I slightly opened the toilet door, peeking in between the small line. I could see James still sleeping. I creeped out the toilet tip toeing out of the toilet. I grabbed my dress and shoes, keys, everything in his room which I owned and quickly exited his room.

After I reached my hotel room, I opened the door quietly.

I had to get packing since we were leaving at 10.

As I opened the door, Sasha squealed staring at me. She had a shocked and a sly smile on her face. She looked down at me and then back up, I followed her and looked down at myself.

I cursed myself, stupid me had forgotten to change into my own clothe before leaving his room. I stood their embarrassed clutching onto the hem of James shirt.

"Urm... we need to start packing"

"Details, now!" Sasha demanded with excitement.

" Nothing happened. I just kind of got out of hand-" I started to explain but was cut off by a very joyful Sasha.

"Wait. What? You used your hands" she squealed even louder, her tanned long legs were jumping about and down on the same spot. I mentally smacked my head for sharing the same room as her.

I scrunched my nose in disgust. Even though I would have love to- what the hell? No! I wouldn't have done that to James

"No nothing like that happened okay. I just had more to drink then I decided to. I must have passed out or something" I said.

Horror set in when I finally remembered the obscene events from last night.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I made out with him!


I sat down on the jet first, while I walked closely behind Sasha and Lucy. S both could sit beside them.

I hadn't had the nerve to speak to James yet. I hadn't seen him since this morning which I was definitely grateful for.

I just wanted to be professional on the way home, so I erased any memory from last night.

"Miss, is James coming?" I got interrupted in my thoughts, by one of the bodyguard that James had hired for us.

"Well I haven't spoken to him yet, so I have no idea" I said as normal as I could.

The man himself decided to grace us with his presence after a torturing 5 minutes.

He wore his shades lifting them up. He avoided eye contact with me. I felt hurt

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