Chapter 30

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"Mistakes are a fact of life.
It is the response to error that counts."
Nikki Giovanni

"So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can.
Because that's where you will find success.
On the far side of failure."
Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

Chapter 30

"You know when we were younger he was always so damn stubborn, and competitive. He wanted to turn out being a winner in everything. So being the nice brother i am, i allowed him to win plenty time. Sure I got teased about it, but seeing that smile on his face made it all the worthwhile" James chuckled, remembering the old memory he had shared with Adam.

I have great admiration for James, he put aside all he's sorrows for so long, and has been brave about everything he's been through, and here he is chuckling over memorable memories.

"You seem like a great brother" he sighed, disagreeing with what I had just stated. From where I am standing he seems like the greatest of brother. I envy Adam for having such a great brother. Who will stay by his side and not treat him like dirt, like Brad once had.

I shifted on his lap staring at him confusingly. He shook his head once more, his face was sad, and he looked deeply at Adam lying on his bed, the sorrow came back on his appearance when he took in the sight of his brother. The waters forcing its way down his cheeks seemed to me like James had much regret and anger in his past; he wanted to get off his chest. I don't think James is bad, actually he's not bad, but he the only person oblivious to that fact that he's the good guy.

He ran his hand through his messy hair, shaking his head and looking back at me. The sincerity in his eyes was what makes James, James.

"I left him Mariah, to face the world on his own. I didn't even have the courage to call to see if he's okay. I shut him out of my life. I feel like a terrible brother." His voice quivered at the quivering disappointment took over.

"James we all make mistakes. Realising them is what make it important. Like my dad always said, 'making mistakes is your life. Without them you are perfect'" I said going into my own daze thinking about my father.

James smile snapped me out of my daze as i looked up at him. He flashed his perfect pearly teeth, chuckling at me. I felt happy that he could still keep that smile on his face, whatever terrible moment he has to go through, James will always be happy "The words from a very wise man" he stated. I smile at his choice of words. It's true my father's always gave words of wisdom to those who suffered or needed his help.

"Now I see where i get me genes from" I smirked. I shocked myself by smirking, as I wasn't one to, but who cared right this minute. I wanted to feel different and by changing my aura hopefully I did. I didn't wanted to bring a dark cloud over us, and by changing my mood hopefully i will feel relief and relaxed.

"Urm not really" he said flatly, staring at me then around the room, which had earned him a smack. He rubbed his chest, while glaring at me. To be honest my hands is feeling the sting form the hit, man his pecks is hard.

"Shut up, I am intelligent" I defended.

"Yes sure for a model" he muttered.

"Hey. Well my grades have always been top of the classes. But i have to say looking at the papers they have always been so easy. And that is such a stereotype, because I'm a model I'm not intelligent"

I hate it when people automaticity thinks I'm stupid because i am a model. In fact lots of my girls are top grade geeks. They have graduated and have a backup plan. One of them even wants to be a scientist, so i proved those stereotypical idiots that not all models are stupid.

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