Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

My bed dipped beside me which made me hesitantly turn my whole body to the direction of the broad shoulders that were stiffened with uncertainty.

James inhaled deeply while he carefully rested his head on my pillow. The shuffling of his pillow quietly had me stifling a laugh a mission which he wanted to accomplish and that mission was so I wouldn't awaken from my sleep. A small smile played on my lips as I watched the amount of respect he had for me. He didn't need to respect me or even care for me but he did.

Still facing his back I studied his structure. The muscles in bis back was strong and firm it was clearly evident through his tight top that hugged his muscles.

His personality was the same as his structured body. A strong and determined alpha. Even though his outer exterior was to warn off any possible threat he wasn't much menacing. At 6'6 James height had always been an advantage but he was hardly threatening once you got talking to him.

The movement of his body jerked me out of my in depth stare. I inhaled sharply to get his attention.

His head shot up looking at me with those apologetical eyes. He rubbed the back of his head gazing down at me with a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I was kind of lonely and cold. I didn't get laid" he said softly making one of his innocent jokes, which wasn't really innocent it sound humourless. A pang of jealousy hit me but I manage to raise an eyebrow.

"Should I really feel sorry for you?" I questioned. It was hardly funny but his action just had me stifling laughter.

He preferred women who he was acquainted to, but a women with class, elegance and definitely experience. He mainly preferred humans and models, less drama so he says. I knew I hardly any chance to be with him

James became a very powerful and influential man when it came to the fashion industry. He's the man that many agency's turn to help them find the next big thing. Though he was a simple man, he shone with class and dignity. He wasn't flamboyant or acted as one he looked like a man that fashion centred around. He wasn't your typical designer.

He came from a very disciplined family. A family which saw his hobby of sewing disturbing. They alienated his hobby and shunned him. He was told countless of times sewing is for women, his behaviour seemed deviant for a man let alone an alpha. He started his career making unique designs. Then soon his designs were out there, models modelling his outfits, famous designer adoring his unique flair. An amazing achievement for a tough alpha.

Though he wasn't close to his family any more or even spoke of them he knew he was loved by his pack.
We all knew James as a man you see with the attire of a gentleman and the speech of a true warrior.

To be honest he never spoke much about his family. A topic which haunted him and even though I really wanted to know more about his past he locked it away. He never spoke about his younger days or the days when he left home.

"Well yes, because my charms seem very old school" he said in a witty manner.

I hadn't realised how mesmerise i was by his looks. The strong jaw bone and high cheek bones which I envied- why wasn't i given the gift of a very well sculptured face. He had slight shadow where he had shaved. I couldn't help but admire his face and his structure. For a man he was truly beautiful.

"What charms?" I snorted snapping out of my daze. He glared playfully at me, clearly not liking that I was smacking his ego right in the face.

"Well you know the charms I use on all the ladies" he replied cockily but in a mocking manner. That was another thing about him which always made me laugh. He had this alter ego that was overly confident and cocky.

He has always been a strong willed, stubborn mind that always argued his corner in a very respectable manner. His stubbornness has always reminded me of Adam's.

However James knew his limits and was the matured version of Adam. He never put women down. Adam always had this thing where he put women down and found it amusing to mock others like it made him feel better. He would feel like it's not his place to do a women's job he had a really sexist ideology. Part of me was saddened by having mate like him while the other part was angered. James never ridiculed anyone or lived in a world where women were servants. He had the understanding of a true leader.

"Yes, but you're not much of a gentleman when you're getting into their pants" I smirked playing along with his alter ego.

"Well they're not ladies if they let me in." His voice was sharp and husky. He looked right into my eyes; I could sense a hidden meaning behind, like he was telling me something. I broke contact.

"So please do describe what a lady is?" I questioned trying to get us out of the uncomfortable silence we were in; I sat up leaning against the leather head board.

"Well a lady is someone who isn't easy to please" he now was staring at the wall. I saw a smile creep up on his face. He has never talked about love before but I could sense there was special lady he's directly talking about.

"So what does that mean?" I gave him a questioning look.

"Well it means' that it takes time to let them see the real you. They won't settle for a 10 minute chat, they need longer. A lady befriends like that. Well as you see in life, girls chat with a guy for 2 seconds and the next minute their swapping saliva. A lady doesn't do that" he elaborated, his eyes were long away, but then a sad smile splayed in his lips.

I couldn't help but notice that his eyes sparkled a little. the green outline of his pupil that were dilated but his blue eyes were so intense like he wanted to forget.

"So she needs to play hard to get" I said trying to ease the tension. It felt like he was in another world, a world were only he seemed to be in.

"Well you can say that." He shrugged seeming unbothered.

But he started again "Secondly a lady never gets into someone pants after few hours of knowing them; a lady needs time to gain trust and to build a wall." he paused smiling to himself. The his eyes trained on me "Most of all a lady is someone who takes on huge responsibility and isn't afraid to give up."

I couldn't help but blush slightly, because everything he mentioned about the quality of a lady had me thinking that his exact description of a woman was me. Maybe I'm hallucinating or maybe reading too much into it. But the way he stared at me gave me the feeling that maybe he might be talking about me.

'Stop!' I could hear my mind shouting at me. He can't possibly be having feelings for me. I'm only 20, and he's 27, I'm nothing but a girl to him. He can't possibly share the same feelings that I have for him.

Part of me hope he did. 'He doesn't have any feelings towards you' I could feel my mind screaming. But my heart spoke louder but gently ' time will tell' my heart told me. I hope my heart is right.

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