Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Two hours of starting at the clouds had me even more stubborn. After my little poetic words everyone fell asleep.

I got up from my seat, and I felt Sasha's eyes on me. I rolled my eyes at all of her. I looked down at her and smiled. "I'm going to the kitchen I'm hungry" I whispered to her. Sasha just nodded in response, and I made my way towards the kitchen which was on the opposite side of the jet.

James jet was big, it contained 2 toilets, which one of them had its own shower. One medium sized kitchen. I just wanted to really sit alone in the kitchen, and not be interrupted by anyone.

I took out my iPhone and looked down at the picture of Alina. Her beauty was breath taking, she had the most amazing complexion and I can't deny that she had the most beautiful forest green eyes. Her eyes were both haunting and adorable. She had his eyes.

It hurt to know she would grow io without a father. But it was a risk I was willing to take to protect her. I hope she would understand once she grew older.

"What are you thinking about"? I shot up from my chair, nearly falling. I held onto my heart trying to catch my breaths.

"You scared me" I whispered-yelled.

"You know your wolfs as weak as you now" James said taking few steps forward while his hands were firmly tucked in his jogging bottom pocket's.

"No she isn't!" I stated defensively. I hated being weak.

It hurt to see him see us as weak.

"I'm just saying" James stepped back.

"Whatever James." I ignored him turning back to my toast. He came and sat next to me eating my toast. I didn't bother to argue with him.

Normally if he had done this it would become playful argument. But I wasn't in the mood to do anything.

"Thank you for covering up for me" o finally said

"It's okay. They will one day find out about her. Might as well make them think shes mine. Maybe one day you could repay me for my silence" James smirked.

"What do you have in your mind" I rolled my eyes at him. I knew he would say something stupid like, cleaning his room, or buy him food or even set him up with one of the girls.

Last time I had to owe him, he made me wash all his clothe for a week. He made it difficult for me by wearing different outfits during the day.

He tapped his temple, thinking about a great chore for me to do. Then a smirked played on his lip's he looked at me intensely taking a hold of my hand that was laying on the counter. "How about another kiss" I looked at him with wide eyes and burst into fit of laughter.

I couldn't help but laugh, he has to be kidding me. I looked up at his face and he definitely wasn't amused. He looked hurt. After all that animosity he thought I would kiss him again

"You didn't mind last night" he smirked.

I couldn't stop the blush that was rising upon my cheeks. "James but-" before I could even finish off my sentence his soft lips were placed gently on mines.

Something inside me just kicked in, I couldn't even control myself anymore. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I could feel and taste him; it was the most amazing thing I could ever imagine. Even though there was no sparks flying anywhere, the feeling of love was clearly there. I pulled out of the kiss

"James" I said his name breathlessly.

I needed to know if we had done anything last night.

A smirk played on his face "Say my name again" he begged breathlessly. He sounds so hot. I shook my head playfully, not getting trapped under his spell. He tilted his head as his faint stubble stroked over my chin.

Then something had to just spoil our moment, a phone call. We both groaned together letting ago of one another. He picked up the phone and I frowned. I really wanted to spend more of this time with him.

He got up answering the call. He walked away from me but he was still in my sight. He started speaking in his usual calm manner and then something in him had just snapped. I could see his whole body tense.

I could hear him growl angrily at the phone. He didn't look so happy; he looked mad.

At first I thought it was something to do with the pack but as the conversation carried on he stared at the wall blankly. I knew that look anywhere it was the look of a haunting memory.

Watching him I came to realise James never door much about his personal life. I didn't really know him.

He stood still throwing the phone across the room, shattering it into tiny little places.

"James what's wrong?" I asked uneasily. I have never seen this side of him, and I can't lie and say it didn't scare me.

"Were moving." he growled angrily.

"To where?" I stepped closer to him.

"Miami" he finally said.

My body froze and my heart thudded.

Miami was where it all started. And I hoped it would finish at.

Haunting memory's flooded back. The torture and the beating i received now became reality. The humiliation and bullying that had occurred.

But I didn't want to remain this weak little girl anymore. I wanted to face my demons.

A large thud caught me off guard. James fist dented the fridge.

My eyes felt warm. I hated seeing him angry and not knowing why.

I couldn't help but bury my face into my palm's. My main worry is moving back with Alina.

"Hey what's wrong?" James asked worriedly coming towards me. I always hated being such a burden. He has something on his mind and here I am feeling sorry for myself.

I felt his presence next to me. He wrapped me protectively in his arms, and I gladly laid in his arms. I held back my tears, telling myself not to cry over something so stupid.

"James I don't want to go back their." I mumbled into my palm.

"What do you mean?" he asked resting the side of his cheeks on my hair.

"I should have told you." I sighed. "I grew up in Miami" his whole body tensed and his arm's tightened around my waist. He stroked my hair, planting small little kisses on the side of my head.

"Is that your past" I nodded from under his chin. "We dint have to move. It's just its dangerous at the moment in our area."

"James why are you so angry?" I got up, so now I was facing him. He just stared at me blankly.

I never knew much about James, because he never told me. All I ever saw was the great guy and a great leader; everyone supports him and loves him. But I never ever saw any difficulty in his life, or anything messed up like mine. His life always seemed so simple that I envied it so much.

"I don't know. I guess I don't like the people there" he shrugged his shoulder. I playfully smacked his chest.

"I'm from Miami though" I scowled playfully a smile lifting on my lips.

"I know but you're not really. Look if you don't want to go, I fully understand. I personally think you'd be better off in Beverly Hills"

I just didn't want to look weak or angry anymore. I just wanted to face reality and do this. If this was to protect our pack I would wholeheartedly do it. If we needed my old packs protection so be it.

I needed to stop living in fear and start facing then. That is the only way I would move forward with my life.

"No James. If all the other packs are moving for there safety why shouldn't we?" I replied confidently.

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