Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Mariah's POV

I finally looked up at a worried James who wiped away a stray tear. I removed myself from his hold. Instinct kicked in and I began to run towards the exit. I didn't want Adam to see me.

I didn't want to take the risk; they could both come out any minute and take me by surprise. I just couldn't deal to come in contact with him. I would lose all my strength if I just saw him. I didn't want to be weak again. Not after coning this far.

"Wait up " I heard his feet pounding harshly to the cobble pavement as he ran behind me.

The echoed filled lonely street stood still in time as I felt my body become weak. My pace slowed down. His long legs gave him a better advantage.

He called out my name again. I came to a halt. "What!?" I screeched in frustration, James flinched from my tone.

I felt a sudden rush if guilt but I walked further away; I could hear him breathing.

I knew my fear of the unknown was getting the better of me. I couldn't hear James anymore, as his scent disappeared in the wind. I turned back, just to catch him in behind me, I guess he could smell my fear. The look of concern was etched in his face.

I stepped forward, taking his hands into mines as he finally stood in front if me.

"I'm sorry, I...just want to go home" I felt myself whisper.

"I understand" he hugged me tightly. I took in his scent, cherishing this moment with him.

It felt so right and overpowering. I never wanted to let him go. I wanted him to lie in his arms as a lover and not a little girl he once saved. I know I'm asking for too much, but when love conquers someone anything stupid could come in mind. I shook away the thoughts.

I know once he finds his mate it's going to be more difficult for me letting him go. Thats why I was afraid to ket him know how I truly felt.

I just hoped she was beautiful inside and out just like James was.

"Let's go back to the hotel, you must be tired" James mumbled into my hair. I looked up to his glimmering eyes, admiring ever spectacle thing I could see, the outline of his pupil, taking in the glorious colour of his eyes, the shade that it turns into during the darkness.

My love for this man was endless. He was the complete opposite of Adam. He showed me what love felt like and what it felt like to be happy.

I still couldn't ever deny but say my heart will always belong to Adam. But my feeling for him was never love. It's more anger than love. My feelings are more sustainable in James hands, the way I feel towards him is just something special. The feelings I have towards James can never be replaced, even by my mate.

Adam will be forced with me but James will always be my love from choice. The sparks between us was forced upon us both. Siem say its a beautiful thing but I saw it as a curse. Whereas I believe that love is more than the sparks and the unbreakable bond. I know the love I have for Adam will always be forced but that doesn't me that he is what I desire, he's just what my heart wants', but cant have.

"Can we go to a nightclub or something" I finally asked boldly. I have never been into a nightclub before, and have never thought of going to one, but I needed a way to relive my stress.

James let me go, which made frown. I wanted to feel his strong arms around me. He still held onto the top of my arm's staring deeply into my eyes. "What's happened back there?" He caressed my face. I felt myself pulling away. "You have never ever wanted to go to one before. Every time I ask you to come and join me in any social event you'd decline. But I see partying in a night club is more of your scene?" He smirked.

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