Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Adam's POV

'Get him' my wolf growled angrily.

I fearlessly went for the kill as I lunged my human form at the man who had decided to enter my territory.

He claimed to be a baby sitter but I didn't buy it.

I hated trespassers andairs. I don't even give a shit if you want to come and see me or even visiting a family member, you don't just trespass. In my eyes you are a threat and need to be taken care of.

I pinned him to the floor as I repeatedly punched him across the face. I could feel every bone cracking inside him. It made me grin knowing how much damage I can cause. I gripped him by his hair and smashed him against the tree. I could hear gasps from passersby and parents who were with their children. I knew it was wrong but I didn't really care.

Most of the residents here are members of my pack and they clearly know me as the alpha. The humans to, there people are no match for me.

I looked down at the wolf as he begged.

"I didn't know." he spluttered.

I laughed at his stupidity, never ever show weaknesses to an alpha or any other wolf. It just makes you seem weak... that is what made me think about my Mariah. The weak respectful girl everyone knew.

My wolf couldn't get over the fact that Mariah had gone that he became ruthless overtime. Just remembering Mariah made him so sad which turned him into this ruthless mean wolf. He is a lonely wolf who needs feeding often and this is his way of being replenished.

"Please I wasn't trespassing" he choked out while his nose oozed with blood.

"You could have been a rogue and killed easily" I wrapped my hands around his neck so badly wanting to snap it.

Mariah could have be the person to have got hurt, someone like him could have easily killed her with one touch. I would kill all the rogues and hunters.

My Mariah could easily get hurt if she had crossed path with them or even entered their territory. She had no strength in her to fight them.

She had always been so kind and gentle for my liking. I needed a mate with a backbone. she had none.

I could never imagine her in battle or fighting with other wolfs. I still don't know how she survived when I exiled her. She had moved miles away from Miami. I still am astonished how she had survived, not get killed during the time.

A small smile played in my lips, I was honoured that she was my mate. Her beauty, her elegance is being portrayed all around the world. She was successful and graceful.

Then I heard a groaning catching me off guard.

I smirked at the weakness of this 'wolf'; I don't even think I should call him that. Whoever his alpha is should be ashamed of having such a member in their pack.

I took him by the leg dragging his lifeless body across the grass and then kicking his head and body repeatedly He tried so hard to shield his body. I couldn't care less if killing him could bring a war between our packs, I would happily start a war for this weak solider. I don't even know if I should call him a soldier. He's nothing and never will be compared to a soldier.

'Kill him Adam' my wolf growled impatiently

'I don't think I want to do that, lets torture him for a bit and then I will kill him' I never liked to kill my opponent straight away, I like having fun and then snapping their tiny little neck under my palm. If they are lucky.

'No! I want him dead, no more playing games. He could have easily killed my mate' he growled possessively, which made me growl against his statement. She's was never his!

'She is not only yours she's mine to' I snapped back. She is not only his to claim. She has always been mine.

'Not after what you did to her 'I could hear the amusement in his voice. He enjoyed seeing my pain form my actions. I regretted every moment and live my days paying for it.

When he smelled her scent in France he had gone ballistic to go get her but I wanted to play another game which is let her feel every movement and every touch I have with someone else which is not her. Then she will realise how much she truly needs me.

'I never did anything wrong. You betrayed her wolf, by not being stronger' I smirked.

'No I didn't Adam. You were the one who raped her; I was couldn't stop your urges. I wanted to love her but you hurt her and-'

'Shut up! I never did!' I snapped, blocking everything he was saying out.

'You keep telling yourself that SON" my wolf chortled.

'I will never let you free if you mess with me Wolfey' I threatened him. If he is going to blame me, I would easily burry him.

'You wouldn't dare' he growled. I couldn't help but smirk at how easy it is to get my wolf back into his place.

'Oh but I would' I smirked

'Go to hell!' he growled, his words echoed in my head for a while.

'Gladly, as you'll be joining me to' it filled me with joy to see even my wolf had no power.

I went back into beating the lifeless body that was lying in front of me. My wolf gave me fuel.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked harshly. He nodded in response. "Well then as you knew the alpha isn't someone you want to get angry, right?"

He nodded once again but I wanted to hear his voice not gestures. I slapped his bruised face, which made him hiss in pain. I could tell his breathing was started dropping and his body was starting to shut down.

"Y-yes. I-I'm sorry"

"You better be" and I punched him.

He is one pretty boy I thought. Then he turned the other way raising his weak head catching me off guard.

"No Alina!" He shouted in desperation.

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