Epilogue (2)

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A beautiful young lady in the eyes of her dear husband shakily walked over to her ill husband holding his hand into hers. He lazily smiled at his wife yawning with an animalistic growl making his wife giggle at his display of manliness. Even at an old age her husband seem to always think he was still in his prime. In her eyes he always will be.

"Mariah" he croaked wheezing painfully,the 80 year old Mariah steadily sat him up kissing her husbands forehead tenderly. They both held onto one another hands staring in one another's eyes. "I love you" he whispered.

"Lay down. You're tired honey" she told her husband lovingly, he laid back looking at his wife's face. Even at the age of 80 his wife was still the beauty in his eyes. No women could even posses such beauty that his wife held. Age didn't bother him, in his eyes his wife was the youngest she wolf he ever came across. She still held the spitfire and determination.

A knock broke both out of their trance. They looked at their daughter, who held her very own granddaughter in her arms.

"Is that my Aretha" James called out, looking down at his great grandchild. Alina proudly brought her granddaughter to her elderly parents who looked adoringly at their great granddaughter. The new addition to the family.

James and Mariah had 5 grandchildren, 3 from Matt and 2 from Alina. Now that their grandchildren all grew up they all had family of their own.

Sam, Alinas eldest son and the alpha had 2 children and the future alpha called Sean. Aretha was also Sams, he deicded to call the only girl great grandchild that his grandparents have, Aretha becuase he knew the legacy of his grandfathers mate.

Alinas second son called James was like his grandfather the charmer, the trouble maker of the pack. But his grandparents adored him regardless of despite his fanatics, but after young James had his son, Dominic and found his mate he became like his grandfather, loyal and loving. Mariah and James themselves adored their grandson James, they always had a soft spot for him.

Then their was their little boy Matt who tunred into a tremendous young man who had 3 children, the terrible twins and the angelic Princess Miah. Miah was also a proud mother of twin boys.

"Dad would you like to come down for the barbecue?" Alina asked looking at her father hopefull. For 6 years her dad had been bed ridden from his old age, he hardly had the strngth to come down. Those 6 years were hard for them because their father was to sick to ever make it to dinner with them, make it to pack meetings or even visit them. His grandchildren and children aided James, they took care of him. But his wife had done the most, made sure he still had his spirit he always had. She kept him alive.

"Yes" James answered, shocking both his dad and wife.

"Are you sure honey" Mariah asked worriedly to her husband, who just planted a kiss on her lips. Mariah blushed while Alina smiled at her parents, if she was younger she would have gotten embarrassed, but her parents affection was far form embarrassing in reality it was breathtaking to watch elderly couple still posses the love they have for on another. Even at an old age they were like young teens in love. She hoped her and Lucas could be like that when then grew old together.

"Uncle is going to be there to dad" Alina told her father, who smiled Widely hearing that his younger brother was here.

Alina was 34 when she had fianlly relaised the Adam had been her bioligcal father and her muns mate, howvere her mum wasnt aware kf that, due to the amnesia, but this amnesia was different since she only lost the memory of the negative part of her life. Alina had told Adam that she knew but liked the way it was him being her uncle. She knew it had pained him but he had allowed it, till this day her uncle would look at her like his.

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