Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

"Alina make sure you behave okay?" i kissed her forehead gently. "Make sure you call mama when you want to" being a two year old she wasn't much of a talker bur she could understand every word i spoke. She nodded her head hugging me tightly. "Behave" I told her.

I could the laughter form behind me from the nanny and James due to my unusual behaviour.

I know I was sounding like some type of crazy mother. Truth is that she has me wrapped around her tiny fingers.

I looked up at the nanny and proceeded to become overbearing. "If anything does happen ring me. Call me and I mean it. I don't care what time it is, if anything happens to her make sure to call me or I'll go crazy" my cracked a grin at my final words.I know I was being an extreme case of being that overprotective mother, but Alina is my life. If anything happened to her I would truly be lost.

My life revolved around protecting her. Protecting her from what I had gone through. It kills me to think that what about if my little girl had to go through what i had been through. I couldn't be able to deal with it with a peaceful mind. I would probably want to kill who ever hurts her.

"She's only joking Macey, she wouldn't hurt a fly" James laughed but then he looked at me firmly. I rolled my eyes.

He seems to always scold me as if I am a child which really started to irritate me.

Macey was the pack nanny but this time it was different; i was flying out of the country.

James finally had enough of me as he took a hold of my arm pulling me away from Alina.

"Come on, stop being psycho. Alina will be fine"

"I!m psycho James. I am just making sure she will be safe." I turned towards Macey who smiled as she held on to Alina both waving at me.

"Well I can hire a body guard if you want?" She mocked.

I laughed sarcastically but felt guilty. I never meant sound overbearing.

"Sorry. It's just I've never left her behind before." i longingly looked at my daughter.

I still couldn't understand toll this day why my mother could hurt ne.

I know all the questions swarming in my head were irrelevant. But I wanted answers.

"Macey your a professional, just make sure you look after her. No bodyguards or anything. Just you and Alina." James added shaking his head at me.

"Thank you Macey I owe you big time" I smiled at her giving Alina a big kiss on her cheeks. "Bye sweety."

I hugged Macey and waved them goodbye.

"Come on" James dragged me out of the house. "She will be fine Mariah" I rolled my eyes while I sat in his Bentley. As I entered I polished the seat before sitting into his car. Don't know which girls sat in his car.

"Mariah, really." He sighed offended by my actions.

"What?" I laughed.

"Stop acting like my car carries germs. This is my baby it is in pristine condition." he patted the outside of his car. I laughed as I watched him mumble how much he loves this car.

He seemed to care more about his Bentley than he does for me.

"Yes you better have no girls in this car" I snorted, which made James laugh, and then receive a slap off from me.

Alina and Macey stood outside waving us goodbye. I could feel my heart beat racing rapidly, this is it.

My first step in motherhood, well not really, but it's a big step for me.

He drove away while I kept looking back. But every time I did my view of Alina grew smaller and smaller and then finally poof. I couldn't see her.

I slumped back into my seat. We drove in silence while I looked out in the nature.

Every tree that my eyes met, made me smile. It had this peaceful aura. Every forest I ran into trees was what I was surrounded by. I lived around trees' for 3 weeks. They gave me comfort, while I cried. They blocked out he real world.

"James?" I yawned.

"Hmm" he turned to me.

"James do you think Anyone could find us" I randomly asked, while resting my elbows on the arm rest and laying my head on my hands.

"No not-" I cut him off, before another word slipped out of his mouth.

"James I'm exposing myself every time I'm going for interviews." I found it absurd that I chose a career path that didn't suit the old me. "Being 20 isn't easy you know. I know people are telling you that I'm too inexperienced for this role."

"Look Mariah age is just a number. You're mature We're werewolf's we're more mature beyond age than humans'. It's just in our nature to be like that. i dint care what they think to be honest, you've come so far when you've had nothing."

"Guess your right" I laughed.

"When am I never right?" The smugness in his voice made me laugh once again.

His laugh made my stomach flutter. Who ever is his mate is one lucky lady.

"Wakey, wakey." A voice taunted.

"James" I grumbled swatting his hand away.

Stirring in my sleep I tried to find a better position to sleep in. i instantly curled up like a cocoon.

"Fine I'll carry you" I could tell he was smirking.

My eyes shot open when I felt the diva pinch me. Instantly just as I opened I winced as the light strained my eyes. I blinked my eyes tightly shutting out the ray of sun. I wore my sunglasses as I pulled them out of James hands.

"No!" I screamed as I felt his arms wrap around me.

He smirked down at me. I panicked. Wouldn't want my models seeing me and manager like that, it would give a bad impression.

"The paparazzi are on the other side. The girls are on that side. We didn't want the attention on you so the girls thought it would be best if they took the risk. I decided its a good way for them to get recognised further" I remember how i first ever reacted around paparazzi. I found it difficult since I was still too shy. But overtime I grew to it.

Due to it being fashion week the model world were in a paparazzi frenzy.

I followed James into the back entrance, followed by 3 bodyguards.

"Miss if you will follow us." It wasn't much of a choice it was more of an order.

I hesitantly followed the tallest guy; we went through all the routine checks. I quickly held onto James who just gave me a comforting smile. I smiled back which made his body relax and he held my hand's tightly. I followed him while we were surrounded by large men in suits.

We walked around for half hour, so the paparazzi would give up and just leave. I really didn't enjoy their presence.

At time's I did wish I could just work for a week, save up all my money and run away from the spotlight. But I grew to love James and I couldn't leave.

Many times I would tell myself I would leave once I have enough money for both of us. But over time that dream had faded since I grew to depend on James and his pack.

James had been there for me at the most crucial time. my healing time. Thing i wasn't fully healed I felt better than what I had felt in my ild life.

He rocked me back to sleep when i had nightmares, took care of me when i had a fever and helped me grow my confidence.

How could I not fall in live with a man like that?

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