Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Mariah's POV

I woke up, feeling the bare skin touch the bed cover which just covered my body. A smile appeared on my face remembering the scenes from last night. I couldn't help but giggle like a silly teenager. I lay back onto my bed, so my face was crushed into the pillow. I squealed like a teenager once more into my pillow, holding the sides of it squeezing the life out of it.

I turned my head to the side, only to see the either side empty. I frowned not seeing James beside me. I got up wrapping the bed cover around me, while I stepped onto he cool tiles beneath my feet. My tanned skin shone amazingly as the cream room made the room look more comfy and the white sheets gave it such a sunny bright day, everyhting looked like in the movies. The perfect night I had.

As I stood upon a frantic James came running to the room. "Adam h-he's in h-hospital" James whispered, painfully. I knew he says he hates Adam, but the look in his eyes tells me otherwise. I don't really see the reason why he should hate his brother, in my case my hatred towards my brother should be there. He had watched me get raped, and he didn't give a damn about it. Whereas his brother hadn't hurt him, maybe me but he shouldn't hate Adam for what he had done to me.

Then his words sinked into me. I stood their frozen hearing those words. Part of me was breaking apart hearing that my mate was in hospital. I knew I mated with James but my connection with Adam was still there, because of Alina and the fact that he had mated me before James. I walked up to James wiping away his tears which rolled down his tanned skin. He looked at me adoring, placing his palm, so it cupped my cheeks. He closed the gap between us which made me gasp in surprise. My hands made its way into his soft hair. James pulled away too early for my liking; he rested his forehead to mine.

"Do you want to see him?" I nodded.

Before I could even move, James grabbed my hands running outside to his car. He jumped into the driver's seat with his bed hair and a pair of grey joggers and tight top with a jacket on top. I realised my clothing reflected his, I groaned, knowing I will catch attention.

I still wore an over sized buttoned up shirt, which belonged to James, with no leggings or even trousers underneath. I sighed with relief realising I had underwear on. I slumped back into my seat, massaging my legs which ached from the AC in the car. I cuddled my shivering body, staring deeply at the view in front of us. It was of the sandy beaches with people walking around in bikinis. I hadn't visited the beach and i really needed to take Alina to. I knew she will love it there. I felt another shiver and ache hit my leg. I brought my hands back to my legs rubbing them so the cold ache would leave my legs. I rubbed my arms that were exposed, trying to gain heat, failing miserably.

James gave a few side glances. He took off his jacket draping it on my shoulder. Then his other hands made way to my legs rubbing it so the warmness form his hands would heat up my legs. I felt his touch make me shiver, there was no lust in his motive just love. His fingers made circles which left tingles in its absence. My l blush came across my face as he smiled, but keep his gaze on the road. A smile seemed to approach my features when i realised me and James could be a family. This would mean to forget about everything and start fresh with just us.

We drove in silence. Looking at James he looked in deep thought while i just had nothing on my mind. Just the views of Miami was all I had in mind, when i looked out the window.

"He's in critical condition" James broke the silence.

"What happened?"

"Well what Margret said, was that he let Brad beat him to the pulp" I did a long intake of breath. Why hadn't Adam fight back? Adam wouldn't let anyone just beat him up. I felt like punching brad, if he feels like Adam is bad then theirs no word to describe him. I didn't realise that James hands had tighter around the steering wheel when Brad was mentioned. "Margret said that he came out clean. About everything. The rape, the rejection and exiling you" I nodded my head. It was big of him of him coming out and speaking the truth. "And then all of a sudden he fell to the ground. They said that Brad had done damage to his skull and caused internal bruising" James eyes glassy, while he managed to punch his steering wheel.

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