Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Mariah's POV

I could feel something within me that was wanting come out and burst. Watching the sick bastard-pardon my language, touch my pup. She will never be his. He was just a sperm donor nothing more. I watched him turn sad once she fell into Taren's arms letting Adam go, I smirked at her intelligence.

But then his eyes met mine. They eyes that made me melt. But i held my ground fuming with anger. How dare he touch my daughter? How dare he act like he cares?

I didn't know what happened next but I stood in front of Adam launching a punch in his face. The pain that he has caused me all my life was finally shown in one punch. The punch that had made him stumble and fall. The ache and rage consuming within me wanted justice, from this ignorant alpha. The disgraceful, sadistic thought's he made me think about. He rejected me and raped me, now all of a sudden he automatically cares. I hate him! Everything that had been bubbling up inside me all these years finally got let free.

I felt relived and slightly guilty. I always knew how to control my anger but not now.

Then my eyes caught Alina gaping at me, eyes tearing up to cry. I hadn't realised she was standing there. I instantly extended my arms. "Alina sweetie." she trotted over to me. She wrapped her tiny little arms around my legs. I quickly scooped her up and held her in my arms protectively. She hid her face in the crook of my neck. I wrapped both my arms around her securely and protectively. I could hear her sniffle which made me giggle. I stroked her hair, kissing the side of her head.

Adam had finally recovered from my punch. He looked angry but the anger turned into pain, not from the punch, but by my actions. He knew how I was always so mature and respectful, and it's shocking to see me turn like this. I don't really care. He has angered my wolf, knows she's just turning impatient in life. Like she says life is always to short.

I felt so superior and strong. Finally i had faced him. Faced my nightmare that I just wanted to face and finally defeat. I have never felt such range and hatred towards anyone in my life.

Even my siblings or mother. They may have beat me and humiliated me. But what my mate has done is sick and unforgivable. Part of me was so forgiving which is my human side, but my wolf had dignity that no mate of hers shall ever walk over her. But the fact that he humiliated her and rejected her made her furious, her persona changed when he had done such a thing, but her respect had never gone. Then what irritated her more was that he feels the right to communicate what is ours. She is a stubborn but sweet wolf. I fear her but I hold so much respect for her decisions and attitudes towards life.

Then I realised the love and affection shown in his eyes. He smiled staring from me then to Alina. I let out a warning snarl.

"She's my daughter" he growled. I covered Alina's ears, as I felt her head shot up. I kept it covered tightly, even though her attempts of getting them off her ears. I giggled at how nosey my little pup is.

"No you were nothing but a sperm donor. You don't even know what a father is, and you never will be. She already has a father in her life and you're not it" My voice trembled slightly but I held it together showing my anger, but every time I raised me voice it softened, I had never felt such anger and confronting the person who had hurt me the most so it was hard to speak in such manner. That is the reason i had no idea how to hold my tone. He frowned when i had mentioned about her already having a father. Alina had a father and it is James. Even though they may not be biologically but through trust and love they are. He treats her like his own and she trusts him with all her life.

Taren came and stood next to me, I hesitated before giving Alina to him. I didn't want her to watch her mum get angry and unleash her wolf. I'm not going to let my child witness it all. I knew how much I wanted to protect her now that Adam knows about it but I also knew it wasn't safe.

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