Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Adams POV

"Well then...?" I questioned my mother who sighed sitting down on the chair.

"She lost her baby boy" my mother spoke quietly. I knew this news had really upset her. She hated the news of anyone's death and the fact that a baby had lost its life had really gotten to her.

"Oh okay" was all i could answer back to her. I hadn't lost a child so i could really relate back to the feeling really. Even though i was told countless of times that the baby was mines, at this point i didn't feel any sort of hurt or depression. I felt like myself but the news was downing on my slightly.

Even though Jesse is such an evil person no one deserved to lose a child. Sure Jesse deserved it but not her baby. The baby still had a life ahead of itself. Growing up, making friends, going to school, finding his mate, growing up to be a father the list goes on. The poor child had everything cut short.

"Mum you couldn't save the baby." I tried to comfort.

After Jesse went into labour she was rushed to the labour ward where they had given her some medicine to soothe her body and calm her pains. But unfortunately the babies breathing had stopped while she went into labour. It's sad how she was forced to give birth to her dead son.

"Jesses not well to you know. The news had really gotten to her. It seems like that losing her pup made her more aware and maybe it's changed her slightly." My mother sighed. "She looks lost and alone. I don't know but this isn't the confident Jesse we all know. I think her eyes have opened up to reality. She realises now this isn't a fairytale, death is inevitable"

"I always think I'm going to hell you know" i joked to lighten up the mood, but the stern look she gave me shut me up.

"Adam you're not going hell!" she barked.

"You know what this isn't a fairytale like you put it." i mocked her words. "Hell was made for a reason, a punishment for those who deceive and go against god. Don't make it look like we are all going to paradise cos where not. We all may end up in hell. So stop trying to make this conversation into something it's not. I could end up their cos of my sins. Look at us mum were so oblivious to the things that could happen to us, yet we look for the happiness. Nothing is full of flowers and sunshine everything including this world is too beautiful to be real. So don't tell me I'm not going to hell cos no one knows mum" i spat.

For some reason all these events had made me open up my eyes. Even the near death experience, I could go to hell. No one knows so why try to convince yourself you're going to paradise when you may end up in hell.

"I'm not going to have this conversation with you Adam" she got up leaving walking out the door.

"Yes ignore the truth!" i shouted after her.

I sighed laying back into the cushion. "Gosh people are so ignorant" i muttered.

I had been in this shit hole for 2 weeks now and i felt more agitated. My skin was just itching to get out of this place i truly felt like the walls were making me quite claustrophobic. It felt like i had nowhere to run to and i could feel my wolf just clawing my inside to get out.

All of a sudden my heart rate stopped when the scent of a certain somebody was at the door. My attention turned to the door, my eyes trying to work some magic just to see the person behind the door. I felt my wolf rising to the surface; his presence was quickly notified as he forcefully made me stand up taking slow but heavy steps towards the door.

What was taking them so long? I questioned.

All of a sudden he door opened and I collapsed from the person standing in front of me.

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