Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

I stood in front of the mirror admiring the strong women. Its true what they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I heard someone calling my name breaking me out of my trance.

After three long and hard month of recruiting and training the models I finally did my own shoot.

The shoot for a a new magazine in France, which was based on health and fashion.

I touched the side of my cheeks, not messing up my flawless makeup. After having my hair pulled up into a tight bun I finally let it down letting it flow over my naked shoulder's. My flawless makeup was simple but yet so beautiful thanks to the makeup artist. My red pumped lips stood out the most making me admire how good she truly was.

Anxiety had been my biggest enemy at the start of my career. My past always haunted me. The feeling of fear was the effect my past had on me. When I looked out into he world, fearing the worst possible situations in life. But my past always prepared me for the worse.

I looked in the mirror and all I saw now was a venerable girl staring back at me. Her shoulders slumped slightly, but still managing to hold her posture, but her posture wasn't confident as before. This time it showed weakness. Finally it morphed into anger.

Soon anger faded away and that frown turned into a small smile when her sad eyes met her knight in shining armour that stood behind her.

"You okay?" he asked looking at me with concern. I still hadn't turned around, still looking at him through the mirror.

Now that weak girl she once saw wasn't lost anymore. A friend had joined her and filled the loneliness.

"Yes I'm fine" he walked forward, still not taking his eyes off from me.

"You're beautiful." He whispered while taking steps closer to me.

My heartbeat sped faster every time his body came closer to mine.

"Thank's." I blushed redness tinting my cheeks. "Come on let's get going then." I finally said, my enthusiasm made him smile. My stomach did somersaults at that smile.

He escorted me out of the changing room, placing me swiftly into the Rolls Royce that had been waiting for us.

I quickly texted Macey, asking her the regular questions. I knew I was coming off a bit overbearing but I just needed reassurance.

"We're here sunshine" his voice, was husky, I raised an eyebrow when he said the word sunshine. "What?" he laughed.


"Well I wanted to call you something else. Is it illegal or something" he asked curiously, but he chuckled.

"It's just not like you to call me anything else other than endearments like 'hot stuff' " We walked towards the entrance, being a private area paparazzi's were forbidden beyond this area.

I inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of werewolves. I could smell, arrogance and power from the werewolf most of them being Alphas.

I read a message at the entrance in big printed words.

'Only alphas allowed, with only two other guests'

"Well I thought as we're in France I'll call you sunshine" I laughed, and linked my arms through his.

We entered, the whole room went silent all gazes were on us, and it was like someone just pressed paused. Then all of a sudden all the werewolf whispered things amongst themselves. My body was shaking slightly due to my anxiety of crowded places.

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