Chapter 12- HANGOVER

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I woke up and moaned from the pain on the side of my hip, my knuckles were bruised and still bloody, whilst my dress was torn and ruined.

Sighing I got up and quickly changed the bedsheets off my bed then pulled my dress over my head throwing it in a bin bag.

I liked that dress, mother fucker.

I ran a hot bath and waiting for the water to rise as I massaged my temple from the throbbing pain it was causing me. Not only was I in pain from the fight but I had a hangover from drinking last night.

It was a wonder how I managed to even kill him. Ahhhh sike I'm just kidding I was Cara Bennett after all I could kick your asses whether I'm drunk or not.

I walked downstairs and grabbed some aspirin and a glass of water whilst walking back upstairs stripping off my underwear. I just wanted too sleep today,I was still exhausted from everything and everyone.

I got in the bath as the warmth rushed my body and instantly soothed me, I sighed closing my eyes and relaxing. I must have stayed in the bath for around 2 hours because I suddenly woke up again and the water had turned cold.

I quickly washed myself and got out wrapping my towel around my self walking towards my room I heard the door bell ring rolling my eyes at who it could be at this time. Quickly putting my underwear on I grabbed my big hoodie and pulled it on.

I walked downstairs and opened the door.

"Cole?", I spoke.

"Hey there feisty". He smiled charmingly as he stood infront of me.

We were both just looking at each other as he spoke again, "Are you not going to invite me in?".

I rolled my eyes as I moved passed him letting him come in which was weird.

I never let anyone come in.

"Nice home, your parents home?", he said curiously.

"Uhm they're dead", I said bluntly.

"Oh  crap I'm so sorry me", he looked guilty.

"It's fine", again I spoke bluntly.

I was building a wall around myself again, I didn't want to be close, too have feelings or emotions. They were weaknesses. I had to remember the reason he was on the list.

I had to kill him.


I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard him step closer to me, "How's the hangover?", he gently came closer and touched my forehead.

"You're hot", he spoke. "Yes you've told me plenty of times", I knew what he meant but I wanted to annoy him a little. He blushed, "Not what I meant but yeah you're hot but you're literally hot, have you taken aspirin?".

I nodded and smiled for his concern.

He stepped closer, "About last night-", he spoke as I stopped him, "Last night?", did he see me? Crap I'm screwed.

"-Yeah the kiss..", he blushed nervously as I burst out laughing, "Ohhhhh that? I was drunk babes don't get too ahead of yourself", it was mean what I said what I had to, this wasn't the time too make close friends or form bonds or relationships.

That's not who I was. I was the killer, the assassin that's what I was good at, not this... emotional stuff.

"So the kiss didn't mean anything too you?", he asked softly as his eyes bore into mine searching for the truth.

I looked at him back, "No", I spoke. His eyebrows raised in frustration as he spoke again, "So if I kiss you right now you won't feel anything for me?".

I paused I couldn't, I wouldn't, "No", I spoke.

"Bullshit", he growled as he grabbed my face and kissed me, I kissed him back as his lips felt warm and sweet on my mouth.

He pulled away, both of us were flushed from the kiss, "So you're telling me you're not into me?".

I flushed and scowled as I said "No", again. He looked at me with his sexy blue eyes, "How about now", he took off his top showing his defined abbs and muscular body and pulled me into a kiss again, the kiss was softer but more urgent as I wrapped my hands around his neck. He pulled me closer with his arms around his waists as the kiss deepened.

It was if I needed him, our bodies were so close as our lips tingled from the intensity of the kiss, he hands slid towards my arse as he picked me up I wrapped my legs around his waist.

He smelt so good, he felt so right, my insides were on fire as my hands played with his soft brown hair I heard him groan softly, he was making me so.... horny. I was so into the kiss when a sudden pain increased on the side of my hip.

"Ow, wait stop-", I pulled my legs off around him as he put me down to the ground, confused. 

"Are you okay Cara", I was rubbing my waist, it was because of Mr Delinquiz the stupid ass hole when he shoved me yesterday, I hadn't gotten a good look but the area felt bruised.

"Fine", I bluntly replied. Cole looked at me then down to the area I was massaged and his eyes widened.

"What the fuck happened to your fist?", he walked towards me and grabbed my hands analysing them.

Shit. This is why I never let anyone in my house.

I tried pulling my hands away from him but his grip tightened, he looked serious, angry and worried.

"Nothing Cole, let me go", I said.  He stepped closer to me as he let go of my hands he pulled the jumper revealing my bruised waist.

"Who the fuck did this too you Cara, tell me", his voice was so intense I shivered.

He came closer placing his hands on my cheeks and for an odd reason I just wanted to break down and cry from all the emotions which were bottled up inside of me.

He made me feel like I wanted too tell him but I knew this was him, his player side, he manipulated people and hurt them and acted like he cared I couldn't care for him, I wouldn't.

I felt sudden anger erupting as opened my front door, "Get out", my voice spoke it was sharp and angry.

Cole looked confused as he brushed a hand through his beautiful dark hair looking confused and frustrated.

"Cara, stop pushing people away,what's going on?", he sounded so said.

"Go", I choked down as he walked passed me and out the door. I slammed the door shut as I leaned against the door dropping myself down I cried.

What was happening to me?

So Cara wakes up from a hangover and cleans herself up as Cole comes  and asks her if she feels anything for him and about the kiss last night. SHE REFUSES but he continued to see if she's lying and they make out but whilst in the intense make out session Caras bruises from last night hurt and she gasps in pain as Cole sees them. He's angry and asks what happened? She's angry because he's manipulative and a player and kicks him outWhat is going on with Cara? Why is she so upset.

Find out in the next chapters.

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