Chapter 11- Target 1

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Carlos Delinquiz.

What the hell was he doing here? And why does he look like he knew who I was?


I need to get to him and now.

"CARA???", Cole shouted. I blinked twice looking back at him. "What?", I replied.

"Are you okay?", he looked concerned.

"Fine, listen Cole I have to go I forgot too do something I'll catch up with you later". I turned my head and his hand pulled me back towards him.

I was so close and I could smell his strong but exquisite scent it made me sigh.

Snap out of it Cara.

"I have to go Cole", "Come back to me?", he said sadly. I looked at him for a moment.

Ahhhhh fuck it as I tiptoed and pressed my lips against his, they were so good, so soft. It was a quick kiss, it had to be, I had to go.

He eyes were bright from the kiss. "Promise", I said grinning as I ran off.

Okay, now it was time to be the bad girl I always was. Carlos saw me as he walked out of the party into the hotel corridoor,walking out of the hotel into some deserted area far away from the residents and party. I pulled up my dress and pulled my gun out.

Now it was time for action, I clocked my gun and held it tight as I followed him into a kitchen which was deserted, the whole area was deserted. He had suddenly disappeared and I had become more aware. Lifting the gun to my eye point I scanned the kitchen.

"Fuck", I was pushed to the side as Carlos shoved me I dropped the gun as he lunged towards me for a punch but I was ready this time I ducked and punched him back as I kicked him backwards.

"OH you mother fucker I'm gonna enjoy killing you", I grinned as he tried shoving me backwards but I had already gripped him and kneed him on the face. Carlos went for the gun as I lunged towards him kicking him in the face he moaned out as i grabbed the gun. He went for another punch as I grabbed his hand, spun him around and dropped him to the floor with my gun held to his face.

"How does it feel to be knocked out by a girl?",I smirked.

"You fucking bitch", he spat, his accent was strong. I laughed, "Oh yes I am a bitch but I didn't kill those innocent people, you did".

"Go to hell", he growled. "Not before you do", I said as I wacked my gun across his head dropping him down. There was blood on his mouth and forehead as I laughed.

He tried kicking me but I held him down.

"Any last words", I spoke with a grin.

"I killed your-", before he even finished speaking I had pulled the trigger.

"And I killed you cunt", I picked myself up my fist was cut from punching him and my waist felt bruised.

Well that was fun I laughed to myself.  I was angry though, I was so angry at these people, they deserved to die.

I wiped the sweat on my forehead as I stared at my reflection from the steel of the cooker. I fixed myself and looked around staring at the cookers I opened the gas which was on the far end and picked up a bottle of oil, spilling it on Mr Carlos Delinquiz and the rest of the place.

Picking up a match I walked out of the kitchen smiling.

Oh I was a crazy bitch alright.

I threw the match as it reached the start of the oil I ran.

Welcome to hell.

The explosion was huge as I was pushed forward, coughing there was smoke everywhere. My ears were ringing as there was screams from people near the area as people coughed near the smoke.

I scanned the area, no one was dead or hurt just shocked from the huge explosion. It was time to go home.

I didn't have a ride so I called a cab hearing the fire and police sirens coming closer. The cab finally came and I told the cab driver my address I reached my home.

As I opened my door I through my heels to the ground and walked into my room.

My phone rang. I picked up, "That was dangerous".

"That's because I'm fucking dangerous", I cut the phone before he could speak and threw myself on top my bed falling asleep.

SO Cara sees Carlos but first KISSES COLE??? was it a drunken kiss? What the hell is going on? Does she have feelings? And Mr Delinquiz who was he? Cara is a bad ass and kicked some ass. WHO did he kill tho? "Your?", who did he kill that was close to her? What is going on?

Find out in the next chapters and YOU KNOW THE DRILL VOTE COMMENT AND SHARE. COTE IT;)


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