Chapter 20- Finale

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The Final Chapter

It's funny how I used to be such an innocent girl back then. How I changed and became the person who I was today, I was stronger, more clever and more dangerous.

My families murder haunted me each day and each day I wished it was me instead of my little siblings. I hated the people who did this to my family, to all those other families.

Everyday I woke up from a nightmare and everyday I trained. I was a bad girl and bad girls didn't fall in love, but I did.

I fell in love with a person who I thought was the enemy. However it turned out he was innocent and was just forced to do someone's else dirty work.

I planned on killing him and instead I fell in love with him, now I was the one hurt and bleeding out.

Cole was the bad boy but he had changed for me and I hadn't trusted him at the time but now I realise that I trusted him more than ever. He was my companion and throughout these months my heart grew softer when being around him.

My heart had turned black when we started the list and revenge and it ate me alive, I was relieved it was all finally over, I have avenged my family's deaths, even if they didn't come back,I felt better.

It was just dark and black, I didn't know if I was dead, was this hell? Was I finally facing my punishment? My chest hurt.

Then I opened my eyes and squinted from the brightness of the room, my eyes finally adjusted and I realised I was in a hospital room, by my side sat Dylan,by my other Cole.

How did that happen? Did Cole tell Dylan the real truth? Hopefully they worked it out, I mean they were best friends after all even if Dylan had become his friend for the pure reason of finding information about him.

Cole and Dylan realised I was awake and their faces were full of relief and concern. "Hey, how you feeling", Cole spoke.

"Like death", I tried to laugh but it hurt so I stopped. Dylan got up and kissed my forehead, "I'll let you two speak", he smiled as he walked out.

Cole picked my hand up gently and kissed it, we stayed in silence for a couple of moments until I spoke.

"I'm sorry for everything Cole, I thought I was crazy for falling for my family's murderer but deep down I felt like it didn't fit how you was, and when you explained to me I finally understood you was innocent", I felt guilty for trying to kill him.

"I'm sorry too baby, for everything, for your families death and just the fact you've been through so much", he smiled sadly as he squeezed my hand.

"How about we start over?", he said.

"I'd like that", I smiled at him then laughed as he raised his eyebrows, "What?", he asked.

"I once said that bad girls don't fall in love with bad boys, but I was wrong I love you Cole Richmond", I grinned.

"I love you too Cara", he bent down gently to kiss me.

Rule number 5: Fuck the rules.

The End.

Well CARA DIDN'T DIE THANK GOD!!!!!! She's okay and she and Cole finally make up.  So bad girls do fall in love with bad boys, Cara Bennett did;)

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