Chapter 10- Party

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I had gotten home and was now in the shower washing the blood off my body. I closed my eyes washing my hair relieved I had ticked off another person off my list.

I walked into my bedroom and pulled the bag underneath my bed.

Staring at the weapons I smiled picking up my rifle I scanned it. Then my knife doing the same thing to the rest of my weapons. I planned my next moves for the targets and finally end up falling asleep at 7am in the morning.

The phone rang loudly as I swore at the noise and picked up.

"What?",I snapped.

"Jheez calm down girl you sound like you haven't slept", Cole chuckled down the phone.

"No shit sherlock", I replied sarcastically.

"It's 4:40pm, get ready, I'll be there at 6", he cut the phone as I stared at the time shocked I was out for so long.

I got up heading for a quick shower. As I got out of the shower I stared at myself wondering what I should do with my hair.

Deciding to curl it I was done by 5:20, satisfied I found a hot black dress that showed off my curves and applied a smokey black eyeshadow, making my blue eyes stand out.

Oh the guys will totally be druelling I smirked as I took one last look in the mirror, satisfied with my look I check the time.


Just in time I heard the bell ring as I grabbed my purse and heels then grabbed a knife and gun placing it on the belt around my thighs.

Just in case of an emergency;)

I walked down the stairs and opened the door.

Coles eyes widened as I smirked.

"You...Look...HOT", he grinned.

"Don't druell", I said rolling my eyes but had a smile on my face as we got on the motorbike Cole drove to the hotel where the party would take place.

As the wind hit my face I shivered at the coldness. Cole must have felt that and stopped the motorbike, taking off his jacket he wrapped it around me.

I blushed and he grinned, "I want that back later, might need to win a girls heart with it later",I slapped his shoulder as he laughed starting the motorbike.

Why was he such a jerk? He had to ruin cute moments. What a dick. Wait... why do I even care? I sat behind him confused and frustrated.

We finally got to the hotel as he pulled up to a parking lot, we got off the bike and walked in. There was alot of people.

The twins did good as I saw them both approach me squeeling and hugging me.

"I can't believe you made it", Sofia spoke.

I laughed "Happy birthday girls",winking I told them I was going to get drinks, Cole followed me as we both got vodka shots them down.

The party was live as people were jumping into the pools,getting hammered, making out and breaking all the rules. I loved it.

Breaking the rules that was.

I danced around laughing as Cole grinned pulling me towards him and spinning me around. We danced as other people danced around us and I felt like I didn't have to worry about anything at that moment.

Emphasis on at that moment.

As we continued to dance, Cole still had his arms around my waist and was now looking at me intensely with his beautiful blue eyes.

He was actually so gorgeous, his sharp jawline and defined masculine body was hard and strong and hot and... I was clearly drunk that my heart started beating faster and for some reason I wanted him too kiss me so badly as I felt him lean closer to me..

Snap out of it Cara.

I turned my head around suddenly noticing a guy in a black suit staring at me angrily.

Carlos Delinquiz. Target one.

SO Cara and Cole go to the party and are clearly having fun, was Cole about to go in for a kiss? Did Cara want him too or was she just drunk? And what the hell is Carlos Delinquiz doing there and WHY is he looking at her?

Find out in the next chapters and VOTE, COMMENT AND SHARE.


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