Extra Part 2

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Dylans P.O.V:

I got to the hospital in exactly 10 minutes and ran up to the front desk.

"Cara Bennett", I gasped my eyes full of worry and guilt, I should never had involved her in the missions in the first place.

"Relationship?", the receptionist asked.

"Fucking brother", I said irritated.

"Where's my sister?"

A doctor walked up to me and smiled, "Mr Bennett, this way please", I walked behind him as I combed my hand through my messy hair and stepped into what must have been the  blood donation room.

"Okay Mr Bennett please sit on the chair relax and we'll start the procedure, just sign this form first".

I quickly signed the paper scanning it and then placed it on the table as the doctor wrapped a strap around my arm tightening it as a needle pierced my skin.

I then turned my head slightly transfixed on the blood which was leaving my body to be place inside the bag, I felt kind of dizzy but I closed my eyes as two pints of my blood were released.

"Okay Mr Bennett thank you for your help, we will be completing the operation now and it will take a couple of hours, for now you should eat then rest as you have lost blood"

I didn't even listen to the doctor just said my thanks, walked out and was looking for someone in particular. Then I saw him and my eyes were furious as I grabbed him by the collar pulling him out into a hidden area.

"Dylan?", he looked tired and confused as I continued to grip his collar tighter.

"I'm going to fucking kill you", I spat.

"Uhm, dude. What has gotten into you?", he was clearly confused.

"What the fuck did you do to Cara?"

He paused and full realisation hit his face and he looked at me with anger, disbelief, betrayal and sadness.

"I didn't do anything to Cara, she was shot.", he sighed combing his hand through his hair frustrated.

"Don't lie to me what the fuck did you do to my sister?", I pulled my gun out and pointed it to his forehead.

"Oh wow, I've had three guns pointed at my head today, one from the girl I love, one from a fucking mafia dude and one from my best friend?", then he paused and his eyes widened.

"Wait, what do you mean sister?", this time he gripped my collar as he stared at me angrily.

"Yes, my sister Cara, the one whose supposed to kill your terrorist ass"

He stared at me with sadness as he let go, "I'm not a terrorist Dylan, and I can't believe that my fucking best friend used me and got his sister to make me fall for her, just to end up trying to kill me", this was a different kind of pain in his voice, the voice of someone betrayed as I narrowed my eyes. Why should I feel guilty? He murdered my family.

"Don't try and make me feel guilty YOU fucking murdered my family and now my sisters shot", I pushed him against the wall aggressively.

"Listen like I told Cara I didn't murder anyone I had a gun to my face just like you're pointing it right now and then I was forced to hack things for them to get to the vault. I didn't fucking know that they were gonna kill everyone, I didn't know how they knew I was going to be there. I didn't know anything. Cara was shot saving me she killed the Mafia guy but he shot her", he looked broken and sincere.

I was suddenly confused as I looked a him and drew my breath.

"You're not lying are you?"

"Do you think I'd be lying with a gun pointed to my face", he said sarcastically.

That made me laugh, "Well you've had plenty experiences to master it", we looked at eachother in understanding as we both grinned at eachother. I put my gun down. Fuck, so all we did to try and destroy him when he was innocent? I felt guilty as I looked at him, atleast Daniel cortez was finally dead, "I'm sorry", he looked at me and smiled, "don't worry Bro I get it".

"This whole thing has made me crazy", I was massaging my temples.

"I'm not surprised dude, let's go back"

"Wait",I said pausing as I analysed him, one thing which was a benefit of becoming his best friend was that I could tell whether he was lying or not so I asked him one simple question.

"Do you really love Cara?"

He paused as he looked at me seriously, "Yes, even though she tried to kill me I knew she was in pain, she told me everything and opened up and that made me love her even more, weird right?"

"Pretty weird but I'm glad because I can say the same thing about her, she loves you,treat her right", I paused, "Or you'll be receiving more guns being pointed at your head", I joked as we both looked at eachother laughing.

"So we good?", I said slightly nervous, after all I'd done to betray him he still was my best friend and I had grown to see him as a brother.

"Yeah we're good bro", he gave me a bro hug as we walked inside the hospital room and waited for Caras operation to be done.


Finally it was done and me and Cole rushed into the hospital bed with Cara silently sleeping, I gulped as I saw her looking vulnerable and tired as I sat by her side holding her hand. Cole did the same thing on the opposite side of the bed as we waited for her to wake up.

Her eyes fluttered open as she looked confused around the room but even more confused as she turned her head staring at me then Cole in the same room together.

"Hey, how you feeling", Cole spoke.

"Like death", she tried to laugh but looked in pain so I got up and kissed her forehead relieved she was okay.  "I'll let you two speak", I smiled as I walked out wanting the two to speak and sort out the mess I created.

I was glad it was over but most of all I was glad that my sister Cara was okay.

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