Chapter 13- Shopping

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Yesterday was a bombshell full of emotions.

That's not like me. It won't happen again.

I combed my hair, I was a bad girl, and bad girls don't cry. They break the rules.

I didn't want too see Cole, think or even speak to him so I planned today to go shopping with Sofia and Leah the twins.

Let me describe to you these two creatures as I have missed them out quite alot.

As you all know they're twins. They both have luscious blonde hair and green eyes, they have slender legs and are popular at school. Althought I'm hot and could fit in with the popular crowd that is not my intention, however I needed to be with at least two people so it wouldn't be suspicious.

Too many questions would be asked.

Anyway, as I got myself ready in ripped skinny jeans, a black cute top, my heeled boots and leather jacket. I checked myself again in the mirror, satisfied with my look. I heard a car outside my window.

Again,with the excellent timing I laughed.

I walked out and got in the car.

The girls both said hey as we chatted about random topics. As we got to the malls and shopped for cute outfits.

"OH my god this would look so cute on you", Leah squeeled. I looked at the white dress,it was elegant and above the knees showing off my legs it was cute, innocent looking but sexy.

I laughed, "Yes it would". As we continued shopping the girls and I had so many bags by the end of the day. I felt better though,relieved.

I checked my phone and there were 5 miss calls from Cole, I rolled my eyes as I shoved my phone in my purse and walked out with the girls for dinner.

I needed to be away from him for while, I was going to complete this mission but a different way, first I was going to drop out of the school.

I smiled.

This chapter is short BUT it was needed as Cara goes shopping with the twins in order to forget all her worries and it works! She also plans on dropping out of school, what about ColeWhat about her mission? What's going on???



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