Chapter 1- CARA

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Cara, yes that's me a typical 18 year old girl with outstanding grades and perfect manners acing out every exam with 100% whilst changing schools after completing the tests.

Now, my tests are not only those normal boring school tests you have to do. I ace those yes, but these are different, more challenging, more different.

I laughed as I pulled the trigger. These are more exciting. Grabbing the bag full of money I cleaned my gun and shoved it in my bag pulling up my hood and running towards the bridge. I jogged towards the motorbike waiting for me, my motorbike. Pressing the pedal I drove off pleased with myself, another name I can tick off, this is getting way to easy, I thought to myself finally reaching my home.

Opening the door,I run up the stairs pulling off the blonde wig and stripping off too my underwear I stare at myself grinning.

Pulling my phone out as I hear it ringing I place it towards my ear, "Congratulations Cara, I'm impressed. I'll send you the next list, get some sleep now. You've got school tomorrow",I hear a chuckle as the phone cuts. Staring down at the money I had earned myself I put it in my hidden area.

See, I'm not your typical girl actually I'm ten times more interesting, but they don't need to know that, not now anyway. I brushed my long brown hair as I got ready for bed placing the gun on my bedside table I read the list memorising it as I fall asleep

This is my story, and it's a fucking interesting one.

OOH DAMN I'm so excited for this book, what do you guys think so far? Comment and vote you know the drill;)

Marwa Awadh

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