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What was taking Cara so long with killing Cole? She usually was so quick to finish the list. Seriously, with a blink of the eyes she literally finished it and it satisfied her. Revenge was something she held onto, that's all she could hold onto after our parents and siblings death. The guilt ate her away everyday and she always blamed herself wishing that the situation had changed and she was there instead of them.

I'd have to speak to her. I'd confronted her about if she was in love with Richmond and she denied it but for some reason I didn't believe it because of the spark in her eyes whenever I mentioned his name then she'd hide it with guilt but then mask it with anger refusing to accept her feelings.

Cara couldn't fall in love with Cole. We'd done so much fucked up things to avenge our parents and a stupid bad boy couldn't get in the way. It's funny how I started the school just to become his best friend then let my sister kill him.

I shouldn't feel guilty about that,he was one of the reasons my family had been murdered. My job was to dig up information,his behaviours and characteristics. Anything really,  especially his trust. I had gotten that ages ago. How amusing it would be to see his face and he realises his best friend and the girl he's in love with betrayed him, but hey, he betrayed not only us but others first.

I was just waiting for Caras confrontation she was in an abandoned warehouse and had texted me she would be fulfilling the mission and ticking another name on the list,Coles.

I drew a breath when I read the message glad it would be finally over then we'd just gave to focus on Daniel Cortez and it would be really finally over.

I had been waiting for what had been an hour and half now and was worried as to what was taking her so long then another hour went passed and that's when I got the phone call.

"Hello", I answered worried at the unknown number.

"Hi, Dylan?", the voice asked.

"That is I"

"Unfortunately your sisters been taken to the hospital with a gun wound, she's in a very critical condition, sorry for the bad news, her boyfriend is with her right now but we need a relative because she's lost so much blood and seeming as you two are the same blood type we need your blood"

"I'll be there in 10 minutes", I cut the phone my heart racing. Cara was in hospital? I was going to kill that mother fucke? Boyfriend my ass? So he shot her and is pretending to be her boyfriend, I grabbed my gun. If Cara hadn't killed him, I would.

I would break him in too, my dear best friend.

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