Chapter 14- Coffee

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Right,again I'm going to skip ahead a few months, as they are not important for the story, it's been 4 months now and I still haven't completed my mission.

I checked my phone staring at another unread message from Cole.

I opened it.

Cara please talk to me, tell me what's wrong :(

I typed back.

Nothings wrong :)

I miss you :(

I miss you too Jerk,just had to deal with a couple things :)


Sure, Costa in 10?

Of course my love;)

C you there jerk x

<3♡ xx

I sighed after dropping out of the school I hadn't really spoken to Cole just the occasional hi and how I was busy,I was ready now.

I had to pull myself together and complete the mission.

As I grabbed my jacket I headed out, Costa was an 8 minute walk from my house so I walked it.

As I reached Costa I scanned the room as I noticed Cole smiling and smiled back.

"Hey, let's get some drinks and go on a walk", he said.

"Hey okay", we both walked to the cashier and ordered two cups of coffee, as I was taking my money out to pay I realised Cole had already paid. I smiled and thanked him as we walked out of Costa.

We walked in silence for a while as he cleared his throat, "So what's going on?", he asked.

"Nothing, I had to take care of few things",I replied.

"You dropped out of school, you're an A* student,there has to be another reason".

I looked at him and smiled, "Yes there's a reason but I won't talk about it,let's not talk about this and talk about something else", I said.

"How about us?", he finally spoke.

"Us?", I looked at him.

"I like you Cara and I know you like me too you just have to admit it", he gently spoke.

"You're a player Cole,you break hearts, that's what you're best at", I said sadly.

"Cara, I've changed", he said.

"That's what they all say jerk", I smiled.

He stopped and turnt towards me stepping closer his face looked intensely into mine as he spoke,

"Cara yes I was a player I played with girls and broke their hearts and then you came along all mysterious with attitude and you made me curious, you taught me a lesson on how to be and how to treat a girl because you made me fight for you and I'm trying-", he paused as he stepped closer.

My heart beat rapidly increasing.

"I don't know what happened,you're still such a mystery to me but I want to get to know you,all of you. I know  you might not trust me but I want to earn your trust because I for one trust you Cara I really do. We've only know each other now what 4 months and you've already made me want to change how I am for the better".

I looked him as his intensity made me shiver. Damn poor guy I really had made him fall for me, too bad he was going to die in the end.

"Give me a chance Cara", he finally said, his eyes looked pleadingly into mine as I smiled.

"Okay", I knew I was going to hurt him, I had too, yet he still confused me.

His eyes shone as he realised what I said he bent forward and kissed me so I kissed him back, not because I liked him but because I had to act like this.

I wanted to get the job done soon.

I had too.

So Cara meets up with Cole after a few months as he pours his heart out to her telling her to give him a chance and she does. However his intentions are completely different to hers, she's trying to kill him.
Find out what's going to happen in the next chapters and COTE.


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