Seven Brothers by artemismischief
Seven Brothersby JJ
Peyton Montgomery is blessed -or cursed; depending on how you view it- with seven older brothers. Well, technically she is two minutes older than her twin, Sebastian. Al...
  • wattys2016
  • exciting
  • lilycollins
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Alone Together... by STAY-CALM-IM-HERE
Alone Together...by STAY-CALM-IM-HERE
First waking up in the body of a character in Naruto, then meeting their inner personality was never a good thing. Follow Kazumi Yukimura as she lives her life as Sakura...
  • sakura
  • lovable
  • loved
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The Four - Book 1 by gracey_liz
The Four - Book 1by gracey_liz
-"You're special, fire boy," the man grins, "you and the others are just getting started." - Fire. Earth. Water. Air. It's 2890. In the US, eve...
  • action
  • earth
  • elements
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Level 9 (Be More Chill AU) by DarlingBeanz
Level 9 (Be More Chill AU)by DarlingBeanz
//Completed\\ The Squips have taken the world. Day by day people are being taken by them and converted into mindless puppets. Michael created a safe place for the studen...
  • exciting
  • fanfiction
  • apocalypse
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Kakashi x Reader(just read it) Spectacular Love by Emmaguesswhat
Kakashi x Reader(just read it) Spe...by Grace
Highest Ranking : #1 on KakashiLoveStory You are a member of Team 7. This is a love story between you and very mysterious perfection Kakashi Hatake. But he's your teache...
  • crush
  • wattys2018
  • reader
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The Bad Boy's Cinderella by Trisha_Mahone
The Bad Boy's Cinderellaby Austin's_labyrinth
Book 1 in the Bad Boy series Trailer link: http://youtu.be/tpNQ_WUvItw **** Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Don't look back, The Bad Boy is after you. **** Cinder is a...
  • cinderella
  • badboy
  • boy
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The long lost legendary princess Blair by She_Is_Me_14
The long lost legendary princess B...by Dannizza Sato ☑
Meet her .. The cold-hearted girl.. .. In disguise girl.. .. And most of all.. .. The mysterious girl that you will meet .. She is.. .. The Long Lost Legendary Princ...
  • adventure
  • wattyawards
  • fantasy
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Teach Me To Love Part 1 by LlamaLoyd
Teach Me To Love Part 1by LlamaLoyd
OUAT Killian Jones/OC student/teacher fan fiction This story will feature all of our favorite OUAT characters. Some as students some as Teachers. With the addition of...
  • exciting
  • romance
  • mischief
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Roommates | E.D (COMPLETED) by heyleyyy
Roommates | E.D (COMPLETED)by Hey-what?
You and the twins had been best friends ever since high school, when they get bullied, you always stand up for them, you hate seeing them sad. Later on you became a succ...
  • dolan
  • fanfiction
  • dolantwins
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THE UNTHINKABLE   by jalisa2020
THE UNTHINKABLE by jalisa2020
A girl named Jasmine and her over protective brothers try to protect her from something, but is it too late read to find out.
  • blackpeople
  • read
  • freaks
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Lets dance with the devil [Editing]  by dahink201
Lets dance with the devil [Editing...by Tommie
They call him the devil, he's Boulder's bad boy, known to everyone as a rapist but Diayhan Rhodes the dance princess refuse to believe otherwise despite his arrogance, b...
  • sequels
  • love
  • exciting
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Lituation (bwwm) ⚠️UNDER HIGH MAINTENANCE ⚠️ by xlittlemisbeautifulx
Lituation (bwwm) ⚠️UNDER HIGH MAIN...by xlittlemisbeautifulx
I had to stand next to the ass grabbing dick head. He snaked his arm around my waist. I tried to leave but he just made his grip tighter. This kid was a jerk but he was...
  • badboy
  • summerella
  • chicklit
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Didalliana Academy (Home of Dragon Users) by Chinelass
Didalliana Academy (Home of Dragon...by s a d d e s t
A Princess who can summon everything. A Princess who can fight millions of enemy. A Princess Who can do everything just to get what is her. A princess who can sacrifice...
  • fantasy
  • wattpride
  • lovestory
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Beyond the Boundaries:"my love for you has no boundaries" (Completed) by LoveRed25
Beyond the Boundaries:"my love for...by Red Johnson
"you will never look at me the way I do......and that kills me everyday". Heartbreak,Pain,Tears......these has become the terms describing Ella Miller's life. ...
  • martyn
  • heartbreak
  • pain
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~My Arrogant Boss~...... - ( Kim Taehyung ff)... by taenushka
~My Arrogant Boss~...... - ( Kim T...by taenushka
The story of a young, educated girl named Emily who didn't ever experience LOVE or LUST, but, only DETERMINATION FOR HER WORKS..... It was unexpected for her to meet wi...
  • taehyung
  • bts
  • exciting
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Adopted By 4 Idiots // 5sos by -sincerelyalyssa-
Adopted By 4 Idiots // 5sosby a l y s s a
"I can't go to sleep when you're crying." Or in which a young anxious, sleep deprived, girl saves four boys from destroying themselves. ...
  • girlfriend
  • fear
  • adopted
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Control | An Edward Nygma Story by nightmare_carousel
Control | An Edward Nygma Storyby 🌟Bree🌟
• and all the kids cried out 'please stop you're scaring me' • Edward Nygma is a man struggling to keep his mind intact. With another voice in his head, constantly whisp...
  • gotham
  • exciting
  • fanfiction
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The Alpha Trilogy #Wattys2017 by JazzTayla
The Alpha Trilogy #Wattys2017by Jazz Tayla
*COMPLETED* *This is an updated version of my books; Life of an Alpha's mate did i mention he's my step brother!, Dating The Alpha and 18 years later with The Alpha* Fol...
  • werewolf
  • exciting
  • wattyaward
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Dear Bully by Snowflake101504
Dear Bullyby Kaitlyn G
Dear Bully, We were best friends. Then that all went away. Has it come back now? Do I want it to come back? #660 in Husband #756 in Dangerous #393 in Excited #46 in J...
  • friend
  • regretful
  • bully
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I love you!  Billdip {Fem!Dipper} by foxy161
I love you! Billdip {Fem!Dipper}by LilyShips!
What are the chances of being in love with a demon? After three summers bill finally try's to stop being evil and getting into a relationship with dipper? Dipper the nai...
  • sad
  • billdip
  • romantic-thriller
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