Chapter 18- Betrayal

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I sat there waiting there, I hadn't spoken to Cole in a few days only texts and it made me nervous.

He made me nervous and I hated it.

I heard a motarbike park outside the warehouse as I hid the gun and got up.

Cole walked in and rushed to hug me, "Oh my god I missed you", he gave me a quick kiss on the lips as I smiled at him.

"I missed you too", I spoke, I felt nervous, I'd never felt this nervous before and I think Cole could notice.

"What's wrong Cara, don't tell me nothing", he said.

"Sit down", I spoke.

He slowly sat down as he looked at me worried. I took a deep breath.

"-before you say anything I love you", quickly said making me freeze.

"I just had to tell you", he looked relieved now and I felt even more sad.

"Cole, you were one of the many people who caused my parents and siblings death including 154 others, tell me why I shouldn't kill you now", I spoke staring at him intensely.

He froze as he looked at me, "Cara,it wasn't like that", his eyes shone with guilt.

"It wasn't like that? You were the reason they got to the vault and managed to steal the money, you let them through and killed my parents", my voice cracked.

"Cara they forced me I didn't know they were going to kill people I swear", he said.

"Bullshit", I screamed. I pointed the gun at his forehead as my hand trembled.

"You think that I don't wake up every day feeling guilty about what happened? I wasn't part of the terrorist group, they somehow knew I was good at hacking and that I was going to be at the bank.", he stared at me his gaze intense.

"Don't fuck with me Cole, don't lie to me", I said as a tear dropped down my face.

He went quiet, "Shoot me then, if you don't believe me shoot me", his voice was trembling.

He continued, "but I know you Cara, I know you won't".

"No you think you know me. People often confuse the two. People can pretend and behave certain ways but their real personality is hidden away. You may know someone your whole life and think you know their behaviours and actions however you end up finding out how wrong you were and the feeling of betrayal is deep."

"I love you Cara, I'm sorry for what happened to your parents, I had a gun to my head, forced to hack into the system", his voice broke down.

"I pretended to love you Cole, I came to that school to make you fall for me then break your heart, because of what they did, what I thought you did", I said.

"I don't believe you Cara. I don't care what you did I don't believe you don't love me",he cried out.

"Even if I did I'm not a good person, I've killed so many people, I've done so many things", my voice trembled.

He paused staring at me, "I don't care,I love you".

Don't tell me you love me because loving me is your worst nightmare and loving me will be the death of you".

Then I pulled the trigger.

SO COLE tells her his side of the story but she doesn't believe him he keeps telling her he loves her and she tells that she doesn't and pulls the trigger WTF.  SHE KILLED COLE?????



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