Chapter 16- Target 4

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Okay now it was time for action I planned to complete this mission in this week.

7 days.

First I was going too tick another person of my list.

Daniel Cortez. A rich specialist in drugs and all the other dangerous toxins, he was one of the culprits who gave out orders, including the others that I had already killed.

I grabbed my guns and knifes shoving them a bag I put on black clothes and left the house.

Ever since it all happened, I trained hard too get fit and learn every tactic and skill set for this very moment.

As I got on my motarbike I pulled out the GPS showing me the way, Dylan had planted a tracker somehow on Cortez making it easier.

As I rode my bike,my excitement increased. I would kill him. Slowly.

As I got too the place, which was a warehouse. I pulled off my backpack revealing my laptop as I hacked through the codes that would let me access the doors.

I walked in slowly as I pulled my gun searching around the place, it was quiet and I had a gut feeling something was wrong.

But I continued as I scanned the area I suddenly heard whispered voices, they were coming from-

"Ahhhh Cara I've been expecting you", his smuggish face grinned at me.

Anger surged through my body as I pointed the gun at him.

Daniel Cortez.

" Cara were all friends here arnt we?"- he pulled someone out exposing Dylan as he threw him on the ground pointing a gun too his head.

Dylan was bruised and bloody,his face angry and he spat blood.

I continued to point the gun at his face as my heart raced.

"Now now Cara I think you're making a mistake now put the gun away before I shoot your brother", I looked at Dylans angry face.

"Don't Cara", he screamed at me.

Cortez smacked his head with the gun sending him on the ground groaning.

Before I had time to even think 3 people had surrounded me with guns pointing.

"Fuck",I cursed under my breath as I scanned the area of any means of an escape.

"Put your gun down Miss Bennett, NOW", Cortez said. I lowered my gun in defeat as someone disarmed me and took my bag of weapons.

A man grabbed him as I kicked him in the groin and kneed him the race I through the hidden  gun I had at Dylan and he caught it.

"Dylan shoot", I screamed as shots had already began firing I began fighting for my life as the guy tried choking me I continued to kick him until his grip loosened and I pushed him off grabbing the knife that was hidden underneath my belt and stabbed him.

One down, three to go.

I turnt around ducking as a guy tried punching me I pushed him off but another guy had already come behind me and tried gripping my arms down.

He picked me up spinning me around but I used that too my advantage advantages the other guy came towards me my legs swung to his head knocking him out.

Two down, two to go.

As I struggled to get lose from the man's grip I bit his arm trying to push him off- "Cara duck", Dylan screamed.

My head instantly went down and I hurt a shot fire, I held my breath as my eyes were closed shut. I opened them as the man loosened his grip and he dropped to the ground.

"Nice shot bro", he laughed as we continued to fight are way out, asoon as the men were all dead I looked at Dylan.

"Where the fuck is Cortez?", I said frustrated.

"He got away before I could stop him", he said angrily.

I was fuming I was going to kill that mother fucker.

"Let's go sis", Dylan said tiredly as I put his arm around my neck realising hew was injured, his thigh had been sliced.

We got to the motorbike as I we final got home I pulled him up the stairs and quickly began cleaning his wound.

"They could have killed you, what were you doing there?", I scowled at him.

"Watching out for you", he spoke yawning and after a couple of minutes he was out.

I sat on the floor thinking,I had to get Cortez and Cole,it wasn't time for games anymore.

Tomorrow I would kill Cole.

So Cara goes to the warehouse to go and kill Cortez but it turns out Cortez was one step ahead of her as he has Dylan there trapped and hurt however Cara is quick to act as she and Dylan fight their way out to realise Cortez left.

Dylan is hurt and Cara takes care him. Then she makes a decision tomorrow she would kill Cole. No time for games, no time for boys. It's redemption time.

Find out what happens in the next chapters and COTE.


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