Chapter 7- Rebellion

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As I watched her walk off I stared at her long slender legs looked elegant and sexy.

Whatever I thought as I shrugged my head there was something so intense  about her. She was a mystery, sexy and breath taking and the way she pushed him away made him want her even more.

I walked out and decided to skip the next classes and cause a little trouble. Trouble was my middle name after all, I smirked.

"Yo Dylan", you coming I called out as he walked out grinning. "What's the plan?".

I grinned back as I walked him too the school shed  which I had managed to stack countless paint and feathers with glue and fans to complete the job. It would be happening after school as I showed him he automatically high fived me as I told him to meet me at 5pm.

We're going to break into school. How ironic, I would usually want to break out of this shit whole.

As the school day went past as the time was 4:30, the school guard locked the school up and left.


"Let's the games begin", I roared putting our masks on. I'd called three of my other mates to join us as we all hurried to the window breaking the glass.

The glass shattered as the guys cheered me on I grinned as we stepped into the school.

"Now now guys,let's have a bit of fun shall we?".

We flung the pots of glues everywhere around the lockers and floors and classrooms and then the pots of paint.

We were all laughing as I spoke, "NOW LAST BUT NOW LEAST", they set the countless feathers down and turned the fans on as the feathers blew everywhere sticking onto the paint and glue the school looked ridiculous.

We all high fived each other as we started breaking more windows and objects running out we all jumped out the windows and ran to our den, grabbing beer cans we settled down and got drunk.

This was my life, this was my ectasy.

SO we get to know abit of coles bad boy side as him and his friends end up destroying their school and when they're done they get wasted.

Marwa Awadh

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