Chapter 4- Target 2

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Let's skip ahead a week later when I've settled in and made aquaintances with two girls. I don't have friends nor do I want any either.

Sofia and Leah, they're twins.

I wont get into those two just yet.

Let's not forget Cole Richmond is not the only one on my list there's four more people.

Carlos Delinquiz
Natalie Caro
Mathew Freeman
Daniel Cortez

...and I'm staring at one right now.

Natalie Caro a multi millionaire who was seated on the couch as I picked up a glass of champagne sipping it as she laughed drunk from the several shots she had taken of vodka.

I could literally just kill her now in her drunken state and they would blame it on some overdose or something along those lines.

But it wasn't quite the time, not yet.

"So tell me more about your money and bank statements", I giggled pretending to be drunk.

"I have soo much money omg there's a safe literally right there I just have to put my hand onto the finger print scan and it opens", I smirked she really was stupid.

"Do you have anymore secret safes I giggled".

"Yeah right in front of you", she giggled back.  I stared at the table suddenly noticing the small details which were used to cover up the safe.

"But enough about my money", she licked her lips.

Natalie walked towards me pulling me closer as she grabbed my face to kiss me. Oh really, even the girls wanted me now?

I let her grab me as my hand slowly went to my bag grabbing the needle I sat on top of her deepening the kiss as my hand suddenly rushed to her neck shoving the needle onto her neck and inserting the poisonous liquid I got off her watching as her face froze and turn purple as she suddenly started shaking as white foam came out of her mouth.


I ticked her off my list.  As I pulled my hair in a bun I dragged her too the safes and used her hand for the finger prints as it opened.

"Jackpot", I spoke as I stared at the countless diamonds and money which were stacked in both safes, grabbing my two bags I put them all in
And walked away.

"Overdose in drugs". They thought.

DAMN damn damn!!!!! More money for Cara as she murders Natalie Caro, but why is she murdering these people???? Find out in the next chapters.

Marwa Awadh

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