Chapter 8- Mess

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I got to school only to find out that the school was ransacked and destroyed whilst feathers fluttered everywhere. The principle was fuming as she held an assembly threatening whoever did this to reveal themselves or the police would be involved.

I laughed as I walked out and saw Cole.

"Nice Artwork", I told him as he raised his eyebrows smirking.

"Well what can I saw I have a talent within me which had to be released", I laughed he was such a child but it was cute.

"Is Miss Feisty amused", he spoke.

"Very", as I turned around to walk away-

"Wait- Meet me outside school at 4", I raised my eyebrows, "Just trust me", I laughed and dramatically said "Neverrrr", as he ran off.

Curious too know what he had planned up his sleeves I waited until the class bell finally rung for the day too be over as I check the time 3:45pm I headed to the front building waiting playing with my phone.

5 minutes had gone passed as I felt a hand gently touch my back, "Hey", he said grinning.

I raised my eyebrows, "Hey, to you too?",it was more of a question I was confused as to what he wanted, he grabbed my hand pulling me to the direction of his motorbike.

"What are you doing?", he paused, "Just wait", as he held out a helmet and got on waiting for me to get on too.

"How do I know I'm not going to get suddenly murdered after I get on this bike", I smirked at the irony.

"I promise I won't touch you now get on", as I got on my body was instantly touching his as I raised my eyebrows.

All eyes were on me as students stood gaping shocked that Cole would actually let someone other than himself on his baby, of course I was different.

"Didn't you promise not to touch me",I jokingly said, "AW baby, look at you, touching me and then accusing me of doing the deed", I laughed and asoon as he said that his bike drove off pushing me closer to him as I wrapped my arms around his waist hearing him chuckle, "See", he said.

"Get over yourself", I chuckled back to him closing my eyes as the wind hit my body relaxing me.

After 40 mins went passed he stopped in front of a door, it was an abandoned area where the forest bore many trees with deep green leaves.

"Yup I was right I'm gonna die today", I got off the bike laughing.

Cole suddenly took a step towards me his eyes deep blue eyes grew serious making him look kind of attractive.

Okay Cara cut the distractions stop staring at him like that.

He then spoke, "That's exactly what I'm going to do", as he grabbed me.

I was so caught of guard but suddenly burst out laughing, "Nice try player", I walked passed him, "So what is this place,", He chuckled.

As he walked to open the door, "Come and see", rolling my eyes I walked behind him into the abandon wreck. Or so I thought.

I heard my self gasping as I walked into an area of deep dark red roses which grew around the edges of the wall and a wall full of artistic spray paint drawn everywhere.

"You were being serious?", I said in awe, it really was beautiful and I was transfixed at the beauty of it.

Cole raised his eyebrows, "Serious about what? ", "The creativity within you", he blushed.

"Ohh  I sooo have to take a picture of this pulling out my phone, Cole Richmond is blushing", he scowled trying to grab the phone from me as I laughed running away as he chased me around the area.

His arms suddenly slipped around my waist as he picked me up spinning me around I grinned.

Weirdly enough, I was having fun.

Cut the crap Cara your mission is to seduce him, punish him and end his life.

I stopped laughing as he put me down, he was so close to me as our bodies pressed against each other's I could feel his heart racing.

Breaking the silence I chuckled.

"Is Mr Richmond falling for me", he scowled, "Now who needs to get over herself?" He said.

I lifted my head back laughing, "I can tell you're lying" as I continued to gaze the artwork, using my fingers to trace lines I paused at the blank wall I hadn't noticed.

He slowly came behind me sending shivers through my spine, his lips came to my ear as he whispered, "Wanna try".

"Hell yes", as he handed me a spray paint I stared at the wall and started spray painting my name and various other squiggles. I was pretty good at it as I looked at my finishing masterpiece satisfied.

"Pretty good Feisty", as he finished spray painting his I paused shocked and blinked twice as too what he had spray painted.

"How did you----That was quick....It's beautiful", a slow blush escaped my cheeks as I admired his masterpiece.

Cole had drawn me, and had gotten every single feature of my face correct, it was beautiful.

Well, obviously I'm fricking hot.

I smiled as I spray painted his name 'Cole' on the wall, "I guess this is our wall",I laughed.

We spoke and insulted each other on various things as we got back on the motarbike and he drove me home.

This was dangerous. Very dangerous.

I needed to get this stupid job over and done with, he was becoming too nice.

As we said our good byes I walked away and paused as I turned around facing him, Thank you", he smiled back,"For what?" But I had already unlocked my house door and walked in.

For falling for me and making my job ten times easer.

As Cara walks into school she sees that the school as being destroyed automatically amused as she knows straight away it was Cole. Cole takes her too a mysterious area which is breathtakingly beautiful and shows her his artistic side whilst they spray paint he draws her, perfectly.
Is Cara beginning to feel something for Cole? Or is this all an act. Tick tock Cara, the clock is ticking.

Find out what happens next I'm the next chapters and vote and comment what you think.

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