Chapter 5- Bumping into the Devil.

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I was tired but thrilled at my success whilst managing to get every detail about her money I was going to get it all. I was rich,very rich but ticking people of the list was a bonus.

It made me stupidly rich.
Yes money was nice but I didn't really care about the money, it was the list I cared about.

Why? Well wouldn't you like too know.

I got out of the back of the mansion house as a black car waited for me I shoved the bags inside it then it drove off. I wanted to walk too free my mind, actually no.

I was planning my next move.

As I got closer to my place I shivered from the cold cursing. This stupid red dress didn't help at all, well it did in other ways I was now even more richer I chuckled. I meant not helping now as the wind began blowing louder.

I began walking faster in my stiletto heels and before I knew it I'd bumped into- oh how fricking ironic if it isn't the one and only Cole Richmond.

I raised my eyebrows, "Are you stalking me?".

"Calm down feisty you're not my type", he chuckled as he lit a ciggerette.

And for once in my life I was shocked, not his type? Oh please I was everyone's type.

I laughed a soft laugh, "I'm everyone's type",

"Clearly not", his blue eyes intensely stared back at mine.

Was he really playing hard to get? Seriously? Okay let's play that game.

I laughed again stepping closer to him, "Whatever you say player", my lips brushed his lips teasing him as he dropped his ciggerette and bent his head forward to try too kiss me.

"Not your type am I", I pulled my head back laughing as I heard him swear in frustration.

He grabbed my hand pulling me back closer. What the fuck was he doing did he want me too shoot him there and then?

Unfortunately, I like to ease into the murder slowly, so the victim stares into my eyes as they breath their last breath knowing who did this to them.

Now wasn't the time.

I'm not a psychopath I have my reasons and if these were your reasons you'd definently do the same.

I drew my breath, he was too close for my comfort my heart started suddenly racing- wait what? Ew no please stop.

"Do you mind getting off me stalker", I looked at him scowling.

"I don't like games", he spoke gripping my waist tighter.

Okay that's enough I'm going to kick him in the dick as I kneed him where the sun doesn't shine he screamed out in pain.

"Don't play them then",I replied walking away. As I finally reached home I pulled off the red dress dumping it into the washing machine and removed my stiletto heels. My hand slowly went through my hair as I got a bowl of popcorn and turned on my TV.

The phone rang as I picked up, "You're a very rich woman Cara", I laughed at the voice, "Now get your list over and done with especially the boy", I paused, "I'm on it". The phone hung up as I rested my head and slowly fell asleep.

SO cara is really keeping us in the dark with who she is and why she's doing all this but there's a reason she says and unforgivable one. As she walks home she bumps into Mr Richmond as he tries to play games with her but fails she heads home.

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