Bad Girls Don't Fall In Love With Bad Boys(COMPLETED) #Wattys2016

Bad Girls Don't Fall In Love With Bad Boys(COMPLETED) #Wattys2016

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Daydreamer♡♤Marwa By QueenMeMarwa Completed

The typical cliché of bad boys suddenly falling for that one girl? it's true, isn't it? 

Or maybe it's bad GIRLS making bad boys fall in love. Ha yeah right.

Cara Bennett is a typical goodie two shoes, with brilliant grades. Or so they thought.

Cara is dangerous, why? find out.

This isnt a typical story.
This isn't about love. or is it?
Its about a list. 
A list she has to tick off every week.
After she buries the dead bodies.

Cole Richmond is her next target. 
He's the definition of trouble.
Quick, the clock is ticking Cara.

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Squirrel_Girl101 Squirrel_Girl101 Oct 04, 2016
Bish, she rish!! Wtf, a murderer?! Plz don't kill meh Cara!! (LeL)
QueenMeMarwa QueenMeMarwa Sep 02, 2016
Aha yeah I'll change the errors was planning on rereading and doing all that later on but yes lots of questions you're just gonna have to read on and see;) and thank you!!! 
                              Also about the picture idea I've actually been thinking of doing that but now you've asked I shall please and get photos :)
justanordinarygirl06 justanordinarygirl06 Sep 02, 2016
Wow, I want to know more about Cara! She's not only a bad girl, she's officially a murderer! And that too in high school!! This is so different from anything I've read...
jackiemoran10 jackiemoran10 Feb 10, 2017
Don't you mean cote? I'm obsessed with your writing I can't put my phone down!!!
QueenMeMarwa QueenMeMarwa Sep 02, 2016
Although I'll see because sometimes it's better to use your imagination and visual pictures may ruin it for some people
Iornheart Iornheart Oct 18
Never kill the hot guy!!!🙄🙄 don't you know that by now