Chapter 9- Target 3

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Now you all must be wondering why I'm doing all this and again you will find out soon enough.

Some could call this revenge.

Some could call me a psychopath.

Some could secretly be mystified and indulged by my actions.

I stared at my long brown hair and my seeping blue eyes, I usually did this. Not because I was cocky, actually yeah I was. However, because whenever I stare at myself I remember memories.

Scars, pains,everything and my anger rises and when it grows it gives me more of a reason to continue what I do.

Those 5 names and countless other that I've ticked off all were correlated and involved.

Involved in what? I'd rather not talk about it now.

Cole Richmond was also involved. I studied how he was and why he was analysing every detail about him, learning more things about him with each passing day.

Let's say I skip and now a month has gone passed we have a week off school as me and Cole become 'friends', he still the player as I continue to insult, analyse and gain his trust each day.

I sat down staring at the black the stars were spread amongst themselves, it was beautiful and next to me was, Cole.

We continued to be silent as we stared and admired, yet as I gazed the stars I felt him gazing at me with the same curiosity I had in my eyes for stars.


"Jerk", I answered, this was my new nickname for him and it made him frown each time.

"Sofia and Leahs  birthday party is tomorrow,you coming with me?", I paused this could be interesting, again  emphasis on the could.

"Sure", my replies were often blunt but he had gotten used to them, he had gotten used to me. Weirdly enough,I had gotten used to him.

"Pick you up at 6?", he grinned as he continued to speak, "Can't wait to bang them girls", I rolled my eyes as I got up.

"Sure jerk, hometime for me cya", I now had the frown on my face as I got up saying good bye and getting into my benz whilst driving of, leaving him staring at the stars peacefully.

I was confused because behind all this bad boy act he was actually a decent guy and I'd grown kind of fond of him. However,he was on the list. WHO was I kidding?

As I drove my phone rang, "Cara, you need to get rid of this list soon, Mathew Freeman is by lake Soho at a restaurant called belle etoui".

I smiled, "Yes boss" as I cut the phone. I hadn't had some action in weeks and this gave me a tingling excitement, it would also distract me from Mr Richmond.

I stopped my car and grabbed a dress from behind my car, I kept things there just incase I had a task.

They were handy. Very.

As I dolled myself up I drove to the restaurant, the trick was usually easy, I had to seduce the guys - or girls and lure them in my trap. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was hard, that was when it was fun.

I walked in as I spoke to the receptionist directing me to a table I sat ordering a glass of wine. I watched him.

He was busy writing things down as he too had ordered wine and was sipping it as he continued to work. I was on the table infront of him facing him so he could see me clearly.

Mathew Freeman was a businessman, a very rich one and his worked for one of the biggest businesses in the world. As I analysed him, I planned my moves and got up approaching him.

"Sorry, is this seat taken?", I smiled kindly. He was taken aback probably not used to random beauties approaching him like this.

"No, not at all, please", he gestured at the seat next to him and as I slid down next to him I smiled.

"Sorry, for intruding,I've been stood up", he paused staring at me, "Then he's stupid",he was gazing at me with such lust I could feel myself gagging.

"That's rather kind of you..Mr?", I stared at him as he replied, "Freeman but call me Mathew", I smiled, "Ella" I lied.

"Well Ella can I order you a drink", "Sure", I smiled as we continued to talk he was clearly horny for me you could tell with the way he looked at me as we spoke.

I slowly came close to his ear and whispered, "Want to get out of here", my finger trailed his thigh as I gave him a seductive look.

I was amused at how men were so easy to seduce as he nodded licking  his lips he directed me to the hotel of the restaurant.

As we got to his room he pushed himself towards me, he was sweaty and rather disturbing as he tried to pull my dress off but I pushed him towards the bed.

I giggled as I whispered in his ear, "Want to play a game", I was on top of him now and knowing he couldn't believe his luck he nodded.

I pulled his tie off and blind folded him, "OH so you're a kinky kind of lady, I like it", rolling my eyes I got cuffs out of my purse and cuffed his hands too the bed.

"Yes I am", he was panting and as I finished tieing him up I got off the bed and walked into the kitchen of his room putting gloves on I picked up a knife.

Walking back towards him I sat on top of him, "What you doing sexy, you're teasing me too much", I laughed as I played with the knife in my hand and slowly placed it on his chest.

He shivered as he felt the object slowly going down his chest, to his stomach and then pausing at his area.

"Ohhhhh  Ella", he cried out as I undid his belt. I paused.

This is going to be soo fun.

"Bad boy bad boy what you gonna do? What you gonna do because I have tricked you" I sang laughing.

I pulled off the blind  as his eyes fluttered amused but suddenly his eyes widened in horror as he saw me holding the knife.

"What do you want? Money? Please don't? Please", he started speaking fast as I laughed, "Aw  honey,I don't want your money? Well yes I do,but that's not the point".

"Whaaaat do you mean", he was sweating as tears started falling down, "I don't want to die please don't".

I spoke, "and those people did deserve to die?", "What are you-", he paused as his eyes widened further realising what I was talking about.

"I was told too it wasn't my fault", he stuttered.

"Isn't that what they all say? You killed those people and they did  nothing too you", my voice was venomous.

"It was alot of money....", I stared at him angrily then smiled.

"OH honey you really shouldn't have said that".

My knife went through his hand as he screamed. Then too his area as he whimpered and cried out screaming for mercy. There was blood everywhere as his whimpers became more silent. He was pale and silently crying from the pain.

I looked at him and grinned.

"See you in hell", as I plunged the knife through his heart.

Sorry for not updating for a long time although this is a pretty long chapter . SO it's been a month and Cole and Cara have become friends and Cara Leaves for a mission which she completes. Killing Mathew Freeman. What did she mine by him killing all those people? IS Cara really am avenger?or a psychotic puzzle master like in saw? Find out what happens next.

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