Chapter 23

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(Y/n)'s POV:

"Done!" I smiled as I finished putting my hair
into two pigtails.

"Alright now come here" Yerin patted the bed signalling me to come sit.

"Ok who exactly goes first?" I hopped into my bed and sat next to Yerin.

"How about you tell me why you were upset today in class" Yerin suggested.

"Actually it would be quite a long story...but sure, we can start there. I was a little upset because Chanyeol, Sehun, and Luhan decided not to come to school today" I spoke truthfully. Yerin's face scrunched up in confusion.

"What? Those jerks? Since when do you care about them?" Yerin rambled on with a thousand questions.

"Yerin! Let me finish, I'll explain everything" I stopped her.

"I became friends with Luhan and Sehun awhile ago. I stood up for them when Chanyeol was being rude and they apologized for being so mean to me. After that we started hanging out. Chanyeol also started to be sweet and we became friends. I went to the roller rink with him recently and after we went to the park. He's so talented, attractive, a sweetheart,-" I stopped talking and cleared my throat as Yerin began to raise a brow.

"Anyways I still don't like any of the other exo members. I'm just friends with those three." I finally finished. Yerin stared at me for awhile.

"So those three are the sweetest members in exo I see. Anyways I guess that explains the picture I saw." Yerin yawned.

"Wait what? What picture?"

"The picture Youngji snapped of you and Chanyeol walking together." She told me as if it was no big deal. I quickly stood up in the bed.

"What!!! She has a picture of us?! Oh no! This is really bad!" I flopped back down into my bed and grabbed a teddybear.

"Relax (y/n)" Yerin patted my shoulder.

"Yerin, Youngji and Eunjung are out to get me. Hello? They wrote a note pretending to be me saying harsh words about you which caused us to not be friends anymore! I don't even know what I did to her!" I buried my face into the pink teddybear I was holding.

"She probably hates the fact how your actually hanging out with an exo member. But even if she does end up showing everyone the picture, why does it matter?" She asked.

"Rumours will spread about how the smartest and the most well behaved girl in school is hanging out with a gang member. Everyone will hate me"

"And so what if people start hating you? You will always have me" Yerin grinned while tackling me into a hug. We both started laughing after I realized she was right.

"Now c'mon, I found out that there is this really cute cat cafe just down the street from here!" Yerin exclaimed while collecting her things.

"Yerin wait" I hesitated.

"What is it?" She asked while grabbing her purse.

"I....I like Chanyeol" I almost whispered. Yerin spun around and faced me while dropping her purse on the floor.

Chanyeol's POV:

"Candles check, roses check" I mumbled to myself as I looked through the shopping bags. I bought many items to ensure that when I asked (y/n) out, it would be absolutely perfect. I wasn't going to ask her out simply by text or just going to her house casually to ask her. She deserves much more than that.

I called Luhan to ask if any of the members were home. I wouldn't want them to go through the bags.

"You can come in, they went to go to the store to buy lottery tickets. You know how much they want to win the lotto" Luhan explained to me over the phone.

"Thanks" I hung up and almost ran to the door. After Luhan unlocked it for me I made a dash for my room.

"Where should I hide these bags?" I looked around in frustration. Under my bed would be too obvious. Just then a lightbulb went off in my head. I made my way over to the closet in search of my guitar case. When I found it I opened it up, took the guitar out, and placed the bags inside the guitar case.

"No one will look through here" I smirked as I shut the case and stuffed it back in my closet.

"Yeollie!" Baekhyun burst into our shared room.

"Yes?" I asked while gently placing my guitar underneath my bed.

"It's been awhile since I saw you buddy" He walked over and hugged me tightly.

"Oh baek" I sighed over his shoulder. He pulled away then wiggled his eyebrows.

"Do you still like (y/n)?"

"Baek I told you I don't like her!!! I hate her!" I shoved him away.

"Chill! I'm just messing with you! It's so funny to see how defensive you get" My roommate chuckled while making his way to the door again.

"Its not funny at all and where are you going?" I called after him.

"Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, we are going out to eat so c'mon" Baekhyun motioned me to follow after him.

Sorry if this chapter is a bit boring, I promise the story will get better.

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