Chapter 19

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(Y/n)'s POV:

I made my way to a secluded part of the school and started to quietly sob. Why would Youngji and Eunjung do that to me? I did nothing wrong to them. I even protected Youngji!!

Chanyeol's POV:

I was stunned. Yerin and (y/n) have been best friends since the beginning of time. Now their not talking to each other anymore? Yerin should've trusted (y/n). I hope she's ok.

"Oh my gosh" Sehun and Luhan said in unison.

"Ok class sorry about that. I had a phone call. Now go back to- wait a second. Where is Yerin and (y/n)?" Mrs. Lee looked around the classroom.

"They both forgot something in their lockers for this class. They'll be right back. Can I use the bathroom?" I lied.

"Oh well, I trust them both so that's fine. Yes you can use the bathroom" She answered.

I immediately went to go search for (y/n). As I neared an empty part of the school, I heard someone quietly sobbing. I jogged towards the noise and saw her.

"Hey come here" I pulled her into a hug.

"I thought we were besties I don't know what I did wrong-"

"Shh I know" I stopped her. She buried her face into my chest as I gently stroked her hair.

"It's not your fault. She should've listened to you" I reassured her. She broke away from the hug.

"Chanyeol! I forgot, were in school!" She gasped. I gave a low chuckle.

"No one's here right now" I took a step towards her and wiped away the remaining tears that still lingered on her gorgeous face.

"Thank you Chanyeol. We should probably head back to class now" She looked away trying to conceal her now red face.

"Alright" I laughed.

*Time Skip*

When the bell rang to signal that school was over, I looked around to try and spot Yerin.

"There she is" I whispered to myself as I saw her walking alone. I ran and started to walk beside her.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"About (y/n)-" I started.

"Leave. I don't want to hear it" She started to walk faster.

"Fine. You just lost a great friend. Don't you think it's kind of messed up to not even listen or trust the person who you've shared so many moments with? You guys made so many memories together and went through tough times together and your just going to throw that all away and act like it never happened? (Y/n) never wrote that note. Believe me or not, I don't really care. You both should make up asap. But that's just my opinon. Do what you want. I just hope that you heard me" I stated as she walked away from me. With that said I started to walk towards the cafe.

Yerin's POV:

I did hear everything Chanyeol said as I walked away. The more I think about it the more I realized that he was right. I should've trusted her. After all, I basically grew up with her. 'I should go apologize' I thought to myself. But the real question is, why would Youngji and Eunjung lie to me?

(Y/n)'s POV:

Minho insisted on walking me home. He knew about what happened and didn't want me to be lonely.

"So what did you get on your test?" He asked.
"Is that even a question? A 100 of course" I laughed.

"Your so smart (y/n). I mean I also got a 100 to ya know?" He shot me a grin.

"You got lucky" I joked. He put a hand to his chest and acted as if he was hurt.

"So that's how it's going to be eh?" He sighed.
"Oh stop it" I playfully hit his arm. We both started to laugh.

"Let's go to the cafe real quick. I'll text my mom saying that I'm staying after to clean up a classroom so I might come home late" He told me. This time I put a hand to my chest.

"Minho you rebel!" I gasped. He laughed and gave me a wink.

"I'm paying" I started to take my wallet out of my bag.

"No I will" He stopped me. I quickly took out my wallet.

"Whoever gets there first has to pay. I'll count to three" I explained. He nodded his head in agreement.

"One-" I started running.

"Hey what happened to two and three!" I heard him shout from behind me. I started laughing.

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