Chapter 11

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Jhope's POV:

'Where is she?' I thought to myself. 'It's 2:15, (y/n) should be out by now. I took out my phone and tried calling her but she was unavailable.

"What the heck" I muttered to myself. I looked around the school and spotted out a girl who was now walking towards me. She was shuffling her feet across the pavement slowly and her head was down.

"(Y/n)?" I asked. She lifted up her head and it was indeed my sister.

"What took you so long? And why are you walking like that?"

"Jhope I just came here to tell you that I'm not going to be able to go home until later on." She sighed.

"Don't tell me you got in trouble missy" I crossed my arms and waited for her to answer.

"Well than I won't tell you since you don't want me too" She replied while rolling her eyes.

"Hey don't give me attitude. And good, whatever you did I'm sure you deserved it." I turned around and started walking back home leaving her there.

(Y/n)'s POV:

I wanted to scream in frustration so badly right then and there but couldn't. Can't he at least hear me out?

"What kind of a brother are you!" I shouted loud enough for him to hear. Sighing, I turned around and started making my way to the dreaded cafeteria where Mrs. Lee was waiting.

"Oh good your here! Chanyeol should also be here soon but for now you should get ahead." Mrs. Lee smiled. I gave her a fake smile back and let her finish speaking.

"All the cleaning equipment is in that closet by the cafeteria doors." She pointed out.

"Ok have fun!" What fun would I have in cleaning?

"He better come soon" I grumbled.

Starting lightly, I grabbed a rag and started cleaning off all of the tables. This took about 30 mintues because of how much tables there were. Afterwards I grabbed a trash bag and started cleaning the garbage off of the floors.


Two hours later the cafeteria was finally cleaned.

"He didn't even show up at all!" I yelled angrily. Just as I put away all the equipment my phone vibrated. I checked to see why and realized that I got a text message.

Choi Minho:
Hey uhm I guess you weren't able to show up to our little study meet. Maybe next time...

Oh my god!!! I totally forgot about our study meet!

Oh my god I'm so sorry! Mrs. Lee made me stay after to clean up the cafeteria.

I couldn't take it anymore. Knowing that I was all alone in this school I let out a scream. That felt better but I was still upset. If Chanyeol came and helped I would've been able to go!

I walked over to a table where I had left my book bag. Just as I grabbed it I heard the doors of the cafeteria open.

"Whoa" Chanyeol breathed as he took a look around at the spotless cafeteria. I turned around and folded my arms glaring at him.

"Oops? Was I a little too late?" He chuckled. His chuckling faded away as soon as he realized that I was not laughing.

"Well now next time you know that you shouldn't mess with me" He smiled.

"That's it!" I yelled while walking over to him. My sudden outburst had startled him.

"You are so full of it! Instead of always caring about yourself, can't you take a break and care about others too? I hate you! I've never hated anyone more than you! Your saying that I mess with you? For crying out loud I'm also sick and tired of you messing with me! Now get out of my life and leave me alone!" I screamed. Shoving past him, I opened the doors and ran all the way home.

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