Chapter 1

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"Ring ring ring." The alarm clock rang. I groaned and hit the snooze button. "Maybe just 5 more minutes" I whispered to myself. But everyone knows though that when you say just 5 more minutes, you obviously mean way more than that.

I started to doze off again when someone shook my leg roughly.

"(Y/n), it's time to wake up!! Aren't you excited for school? Because I sure am" My older brother said. His name was Jhope and he's from a big kpop group called bts and their from bighit entertainment. You've probably heard of them since their pretty famous.

"Your way to perky for someone who woke up at 6 a.m." I grumbled.

"What's wrong with that?" Jhope replied with a big grin on his face.

I just rolled my eyes and did my normal morning routine. After that I started rummaging through my closet for an outfit for school. I decided on a nice simple dress (see picture above) since I didn't want to stand out too much.

I made my way to the kitchen where I saw Jin cooking some food. Jin was one of the members in my brother's band. My brother and I were current living with all of them while my parents were in America.

"Hey Jin!" I smiled while giving him a hug.

"Jin? That's Jin oppa to you." He said playfully.

I just rolled my eyes and was about to take a seat at the kitchen table when I heard yelling coming from the living room. I turned to look at Jin to see if he would go check out the commotion but realized that he was to occupied in making breakfast. I sighed and headed over to see what was happening.

"Yah Jeon Jungkook, why don't you want to play this video game with me!" Jimin yelled.

"I already told you I'm going to play it with Taehyung so you will have to wait" the maknae yelled right back.

"Jimin, obviously jungkook favors V more so will you just leave him be?" I interrupted.

"But (Y/n)!" Jimin whined.

"If it makes you feel any better I'll play with you when I come home you big baby" I said jokingly. He pouted but said fine.

I was just about to walk over to Jungkook when someone grabbed my arm. I turned to see Jhope.

"Were going to be late!" He said frantically. I quickly slipped on some flats.

"But wait, your breakfast-"

"I'll just take an Apple" I said while cutting Jin off. Suga was leaning in the doorway near the kitchen. He tossed me an apple and I ran outside trying to catch up to Jhope.

Alright so that was chapter 1! I know it's not that exciting but I promise it will get better ;). Tell me what you think about it so far!

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